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Penquin 15-03-2019 14:27

Christchurch attack
Very sad to see the repulsive events in Christchurch NZ

RIP to all those killed by this attack.

Sad to hear that the video was shared and continues to be shared on FB.

Sadly, this is Islamophobia and racism taken to extremes. I hope that such an attitude will NEVER develop in the UK or the EU.

There is no place for such acts on the planet.

RIP all those spayed by this maniac and I hope that their relatives and friends will be able to find some peace, somehow. :crying:

barryd 15-03-2019 16:43

Absolutely awful. I caught it this morning and one of the links I clicked on was the actual footage (most of its been taken down now). Dont go looking for it, its horrific. These people are just not human. The likes of Tommy Robinson and those that support him have blood on their hands today to be honest. This bloke reckoned the Finsbury mosque attack was a great influence to him. How is the rise of far right hate groups going to do anything but escalate this kind of thing. Sadly I think thats exactly what they want to achieve. They are no better than ISIS.

Penquin 15-03-2019 16:55

My post should say killed- not sure how spayed crept on....

Perhaps I typed slayn or slayed and it autocorrected it...

dghr272 16-03-2019 05:56

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Terrible carnage.

I find it quite hypocritical for the press to target internet social media in helping fuel such hatred, perhaps some of them need to take a long hard look at themselves. :surprise:


raynipper 16-03-2019 07:38

Apparently there were pointers to this nutter well before the massacre. The security services are too complacent and very well funded.


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