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Jettdt, Thanks for the clarification.

You said, "All I was trying to say is just because he has not revealed his interest does not detract from the part of his post that was fact".

We have no way of knowing the facts. We do not know what the new arrangements are, we don't know what is owed or to whom.

There is no culture of protecting people on here, or of picking on negative posts. Many do like to reserve judgement when we do not know the fats. It is only question of time, if customers are let down we will be told.

If suppliers are let down we may find out but that is a risk that business people take. Either Timberland gave no clue as to their position and paid up as normal, in which case losses could be substantial but may be survivable or they got slower and slower paying in which case the signs were there for suppliers to see. Either way they have been surrounded by rumour for some time, again the signs were there for suppliers to see. Stopping their account or continuing to do business with them was a commercial decision for each supplier to take, Alan.
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