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Hi we are new to this site. We returned caravaning this year buying a 2nd hand Swift Conquerer, and have just returned from 4 weeks in Wester Ross, I agree a MH is better for European touring and the Uk favours caravans. We were on Inverewe CCC club for 3 weeks 85/90 % of the campers were in MHs, at times it felt we were at an Autocruise meet. Since returning home, we have decided to sell up and go touring for 2-3 years. An MH with an MX5 on tow is our ideal what is offputting is the cost, an MH equivellent to our caravan would cost around 40/50k and lose value after that, so we are undecided, its probable we will stick with the van for a while. Another problem is the short sighted policies of both the CCC & CC in that they will happily sell a winter pitch then insist you move off site completely every 21/28 days, that means awning down and vehicle off site. Its a tough descison MH or VAN and there are clear advantages and disadvantages to both. We cant make our minds up but financially the van wins.

Regards to all

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