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I've just checked my system and it is the same as yours. It has never been turned off in the twenty-seven months I've owned the van until I tried just now.
Turned off fine, then turned on OK, so nothing really to help you.
The instructions (which I'm sure you have) say to hold the 'Start' button for about 2 seconds, which I am sure you have done.

The reason we have never turned off the system is that, at night, you have to grope through a darkened van to turn on the system and then the lights master switch if you need to switch a light on. Our 'lazy' way means that the lights are available the moment we open a door (assuming you haven't used the master switch to turn them all off - we've all done that and cursed when trying to switch them on individually!).

There are several Murvi owners on the forum so I hope that, between us (and Rex), we can sort you out.

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