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goodluck & fingers crossed for you

Tip :-

Mercedes commercial dealers are open much longer hours than normal car dealers often they work shifts from say 6am to midnight some even work 24 hours a day during the week to meet the needs of commercial vehicles .

As a result it could be worth calling the nearest dealer to you for advice if you have trouble no matter what time of day?

Same goes for IVECO campers

I once had trouble at 2am on the Motorway heading home after leaving Dover with my Iveco camper
The turbo pipe had blown off & I couldn't get the clip back on to the intercooler, anyway we rang the local Iveco dealer whose recorded announcement was advising callers of office hours but just as I was about to hang up it told me to hold for out of hours service, they told me to pop in & they fitted a new large jubilee clip - cost me a box of the beer I had brought from France
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