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Re: Confused

Originally Posted by jacktherev
I've just purchased an Adria Vision A Class Motorhome which is on the Renault Master and I was assured by the dealer at the warranty began when I registered the vehicle.

If this is not so, then I will be contacting him on Wednesday and cancelling the order immediately. I'm not going to spend Ģ60,000 for this to happen.

I'll keep you posted.

Jack the Rev
It does happen but you have to ensure all the necessary hoops are leapt through.

The problem is m/homes pass through many hands between chassis manufacturer and final buyer and the sale/registration process is not as straightforward as it is with a car or standard van.

Renault trucks set the warranty running when they deliver the chassis to the converter.

On sale the supplying dealer and the importer are supposed to confirm the actual date of registration back up the chain for the start date to be reset but sometimes the message gets garbled or just goes missing.

As there are many more of them registered the Fiat system for doing all this is quite well established - for the less common Renaults it doesn't always seem to work so well.
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