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Is it parked sloping downwards at all. Could it be coming on a horizontal slant from somewhere else inside the hi-top? Mine when parked sloping backwards leaked all the way down through the inner kitchen window baize - but it was coming from the tiny top windows. They have channels to duct out the rain that were bunged up with muck.

- Have decided that water is very weird stuff.

My curtains could do with changing, but the biggest gripe is the stupid 'hook on' curtain hooks that the loops fall off. Think mine are called zylon or some such. Site on web does new hooks that are a proper loop. Taking off the fascias with electric controls on are the only drawback I can see to getting curtains copied from originals - by self or curtain co. Curtain site -

Do you have back door draft? I am going to make a longer curtain to the floor in heavier fabric to see if I can do it myself!

Mine is Harmony 1995 I have bought and replaced the press studs on some curtains and their studs on the van as they were a bit rusty looking. Also might make the detachable curtain between bed/cab or bed/kitchen discussed on here.

I have got 2 mystery square metal 1" brackets up at top side of wardrobe, same on other side of van. Think they might be for top bed net or privacy curtain. Have you got them too?

Good luck with the H2O - Helena.
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