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Autosleeper leak

Hi all,

Not too sure why I'm posting this as it looks like a job for a pro but...

has anyone any experience of a leak on Autosleeper symphony (or harmony/symbol) above the windscreen? (Ours is a 1995 M plate - in good condition apart from this - it's upsetting!)

I have re-sealed along the 'join' between the screen and GRP hi-top with a flexible silicone but it still seems damp inside - I think the water is getting in under the 4inch black plastic trim that runs right round the van - unfortunately Autosleeper seem to have glued this on?

Any thoughts (no matter how trivial) greatly appreciated.

I'm not an active poster but read the forum most days and it's a great community - thanks to all for the advice and tips posted here.


PS - has anyone replaced their curtains in a van of this age? Can it be done reasonably cheaply?
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