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Terry O'Sullivan 29-07-2020 11:37

Electric alarm for step
Can any one advise, my electric side step retracts OK but alarm sound sounds when engine starts, I've played around with the micro switch underneath, seems to work OK, searched high and low for the actual alarm so I can disconnect it but can't find it anywhere, it's an annoying high pitch buzz which fades slightly then increases etc. I own a hymer Mercedes S650 2005 model, nothing in manual as to location, have looked under drivers seat etc, (LHD), slowly loosing the will to carry on lol, any help would be appreciated.
Terry,, based in Bulgaria with open roads and lots to discover.

bc109 29-07-2020 12:30

Usual problem can be solved with a coin or two on the top step to give the microswitch a bit more push. Gaffertape to secure the coin/s. Replace every two years !

Terry O'Sullivan 29-07-2020 20:03

Will try tomorrow, somehow I think it won't work, taking the beast for mot first regardless of the annoying buzz, thanks Bill in advance, fingers crossed

Terry O'Sullivan 30-07-2020 14:57

Tried Bill's idea but sadly warning buzz never changed, got the Mot successfully although reverse lights never worked. Lots of electric faults at the moment fridge won't work on hook up, wing mirrors not working electrically, electric skylight not operating, nightmare lol, but I won't give up yet.

jiwawa 01-08-2020 15:35

I'm surprised a functioning reversing light isn't a requirement of MOT.

Terry O'Sullivan 03-08-2020 15:08

Reversing seems not a priority in Bulgaria, I guess in a years time if not sorted they might say something 🤔

Terry O'Sullivan 03-08-2020 15:11

Fridge now working, that's a bonus as it's 34+ hot here, the step warning buzz is annoying, to get to the micro switch it looks that I will have remove the whole step assembly just to get the electrical cover off,,,,, grrrr

jiwawa 03-08-2020 22:15


Glandwr 03-08-2020 22:34

Earthing can be a problem with the micro switch on steps.

Terry O'Sullivan 05-08-2020 16:23

I have wired brushed the earth, thanks for that but no joy, when time I will remove the whole lot, along with the earth & reassemble.

bc109 09-08-2020 07:38

Shouldn't have to remove the steps themselves. Cause may be a poor solder joint at the micro-switch. A small nut and bolt might be best solution. Worked for me.
Then put the coin(s) in !
Ah the joys of Hymer.

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