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travellindude 26-02-2020 14:46

B630 2002 Mercedes 416 CDI?
Hello, I am considering buying this vehicle and wanted to know from previous owners a few things:

1. What is the mileage/fuel consumption like? With that big square front, the wind resistance factor looks like an issue?
2. How fast on the highway can they comfortably, economically cruise?
3. Do drivers find the width of 2.3 metres an issue?
4. Any major maintenance issues? Damp etc.
5. Any other thoughts?

Many thanks!

jiwawa 27-02-2020 20:39

Hi travellindude, just giving your post a bump. But a couple of general points:

1. Mine is also pretty flat-fronted; I get c.28mpg
3. The 2.3m width isn't really an issue - you soon get used to it. You do need to watch the outward swing of your tail-end, especially when taking off after parking close to a wall or barrier. I speak from experience!

Mrplodd 29-02-2020 03:41

Fuel consumption is highly dependent on speed, driving style, and how heavy your right foot is!

Accelerate gently and plan ahead so you lift off rather than brake will prove very beneficial.

On a long stretch of road stick around the 50-55MPH mark, much faster and your fuel consumption will suffer greatly. I think consumption increases by something like the square of the speed. I tow a caravan and at around 55 I get about 27-28mpg, at 60 it drops to the low 20ís which kind of proves the theory.

I ran a 4.25 tonne Mercury 316 MH for a good few years and, like Jiwawa, got around the 28mpg mark, but I did drive gently as I was never in that much of a rush to get anywhere, I was on holiday for heavens sake.


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