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Originally Posted by Gavel
Hi Dave, We bought a bath hoist in an auction and I have adapted it for my wife who has MS. So far it has cost me under £20. Try local car boot sales or auctions or ebay. Martyn MBE
Thanks - we had a local "Care and Repair" builder come and form a ramp up to the front door and asked him to do some ambulant disabled steps into the garden - he did, nad she manges them OK, he built some timber steps so we could try them with a motorhome nad she was able to use them with very little problem.

We are now the proud owners of an Ace Roma which has a large "garage" wher we can store all manner of things including the steps which are quyite light - only got charged for the timber.

Looking forward to picking it up week after next and getting away in it.

many thanks for all the replies.
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