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lev 22-01-2010 20:29

Autosleeper leak
Hi all,

Not too sure why I'm posting this as it looks like a job for a pro but...

has anyone any experience of a leak on Autosleeper symphony (or harmony/symbol) above the windscreen? (Ours is a 1995 M plate - in good condition apart from this - it's upsetting!)

I have re-sealed along the 'join' between the screen and GRP hi-top with a flexible silicone but it still seems damp inside - I think the water is getting in under the 4inch black plastic trim that runs right round the van - unfortunately Autosleeper seem to have glued this on?

Any thoughts (no matter how trivial) greatly appreciated.

I'm not an active poster but read the forum most days and it's a great community - thanks to all for the advice and tips posted here.


PS - has anyone replaced their curtains in a van of this age? Can it be done reasonably cheaply?

Jagman 23-01-2010 08:10

Hi Lev

Autosleepers themselves are usually very helpful with free advice to owners, it might be worth phoning them for a chat, there will be people there who know all about the problems encountered with pretty well every model over the years and they will certainly know how yours is constructed. Alternatively an e mail exchange may be more effective if phone lines are busy. Why not google their contact details and give it a try?

Not much help but it will bump your post into Saturday morning!!

Good luck!

lev 23-01-2010 14:33

Cheers Jagman...took your advice and emailed them this morning.

Hopefully it won't be too fiddly a job.


paulmold 23-01-2010 16:46

I have a 1997 Symphony and was not aware of a leak. Your posting certainly made me rush out to the MH and have a look. Thankfully I can't find sign of damp but you certainly made me check. Hope your problem is solved quickly.

lev 24-01-2010 07:51

Hi Paul,

Glad to hear no problems with your pride and joy - having looked into the issue, it seems leaks on Autosleeper panel vans are pretty rare.


chrisjrv 24-01-2010 09:38

I seem to remember that you can get condensation on the front wall of the front top locker due to a lack of insulation between it and the outer skin, but I've never noticed this myself, phoning Autosleepers service would be my advice,
p.s. if you flick the cab interior light out of its hole you can see inside and check for water.

foll-de-roll 24-01-2010 11:12

Hi Lev

I am on my third A/S (Trident, Duetto, and Exec) and have had only had two leaks to deal with, and both of those were roof vents which were easily fixed.

I would do as someone suggested, have a look down through the cab light space, perhaps with a strong light and a small inspection mirror. I gained access to the front roof space (to fit a new aerial) by removing the front Labcraft light.

I would phone A/S as I believe they are not too good at answering E Mail.

I hope you can fix it soon. Cheers Andy

vardy 25-01-2010 01:37

Is it parked sloping downwards at all. Could it be coming on a horizontal slant from somewhere else inside the hi-top? Mine when parked sloping backwards leaked all the way down through the inner kitchen window baize - but it was coming from the tiny top windows. They have channels to duct out the rain that were bunged up with muck.

- Have decided that water is very weird stuff.

My curtains could do with changing, but the biggest gripe is the stupid 'hook on' curtain hooks that the loops fall off. Think mine are called zylon or some such. Site on web does new hooks that are a proper loop. Taking off the fascias with electric controls on are the only drawback I can see to getting curtains copied from originals - by self or curtain co. Curtain site -

Do you have back door draft? I am going to make a longer curtain to the floor in heavier fabric to see if I can do it myself!

Mine is Harmony 1995 I have bought and replaced the press studs on some curtains and their studs on the van as they were a bit rusty looking. Also might make the detachable curtain between bed/cab or bed/kitchen discussed on here.

I have got 2 mystery square metal 1" brackets up at top side of wardrobe, same on other side of van. Think they might be for top bed net or privacy curtain. Have you got them too?

Good luck with the H2O - Helena.

dawnwynne 25-01-2010 05:58

Can't help about the leak and I hope you get it sorted very soon!

However I just made new curtains for my mh after Christmas. Easy as anything, I even lined that was a first. I think it cost me approximately 30 and that included a lined privacy curtain in the back as well.

So easy to do, simply measure the old ones and cut the new ones same size allowing about 1/2" seam allowance on all sides. All it is sewing 4 straight sides.

You don't need to line them if you buy heavy enough material but I bought inexpensive cotton so wanted to line them so they hung better and offered a bit more insulation.

Good luck.

foll-de-roll 25-01-2010 09:12

Hi Helena,

I have just been attending the curtains in my Exec, and I agree with you they are not easy to remove and install, but I had to do it twice :oops: :oops: .

At the end of last summer I took them down and gave them wash, then struggled like blazes to rehang them, got them back up and realised I had them on the wrong sides(they all looked alike!!) So last week when I was bored, and looking for something to do, I decided to sort them out.

Anyway the front rails just unclip and drop down making it easy to undo the stopping screw, the curtains then just slides off. The side ones I had to undo the middle screw holding the rail to the frame by gently easing the end of the rail downwards (rather than trying to screw it) then gently eased the rail in a downward angle allowing you a better angle for access to the start of the rail for the very miniscule hangers.

For a cheap and easy way to close off the Cab from the habitation area , I bought a Shower rail and curtain(180 x 180) from Wilkinsons, and cut the rail to length, fixed two cup hooks on the bulkhead and clipped it on. This can be removed very easily when not required.

Cheers Andy

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