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It's easy to do TT

There is a little world icon with a chain link on it just above the box you type in, click on it and copy the web address into it, the next box, you type in what you want the world to see, as it doesn't show the url, most just put "click here" simples once you've done it a couple of times.

Or do it manually by doing as below, but without the quotes

"click here"

While in computer mode if you want to quote from a post, but not all of it do as below. but enclose it in [ ] brackets, I tried to do it as it should be in quotes but it just put a quote up like this

Originally Posted by members user name
copy and paste whatever you want to quote from the post

quote="members user name"]copy and paste whatever you want to quote from the post[/quote

hope that makes sense.

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