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Yvonne and Ward 14-10-2020 12:59

Advice on electrical problem in motorhome
Hi all,

So, we're new to our 2006 Chausson Welcome 9 and would really appreciate some advice from those who know more and better!

Here's our problem: our 12v control panel gets power when plugged into a hook-up or when the motorhome's engine is on, but not from the leisure battery. I checked our relatively new leisure battery with a multimeter and it was nicely charged. Next step was to replace the 20a blade fuse in the fuse box for the auxiliary battery-- but still nothing (and I couldn't find another fuse closer to the leisure battery).

Does anyone have ideas for what we should check next?


EJB 14-10-2020 15:03

The motorhome control panel normally has a 12v On/Off switch?

Yvonne and Ward 14-10-2020 16:26

Thx-- yes, the panel has an on/off switch, but it won't switch on (or stay switched on) via leisure battery.

jiwawa 14-10-2020 16:40

Is there anything working on 12v when not plugged into 240v? Lights? Water pump?

I have a Truma control panel that controls heat/hot water. I also have a panel that shows the state of the batteries and the water tank levels. It is this panel that has a circular knob to step thro the various monitors but when you PUSH that button it trips the 12v on and off.

Yvonne and Ward 14-10-2020 19:42

Thx for this, Jean. Nothing else works when not plugged in (or with engine running). Our panel shows levels of batteries and tank levels (when plugged in or with engine running), but the panel won't toggle over between different energy sources....

jiwawa 14-10-2020 22:05

Can you post a photo of any panels you have?

Glandwr 14-10-2020 23:42

They WILL be an isolation switch for the habitation 12v system somewhere. Have you found one?

Pudsey_Bear 15-10-2020 08:10

Could it be the switch is broken, can you post a picture of the panel, that might help us.

Yvonne and Ward 15-10-2020 12:49

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks all, very much appreciated. I'm attaching a pic of our control panel. It registers battery levels as fine and a multimeter also says leisure battery is charged at 12.8v-- but the panel won't toggle from engine or hookup over to leisure battery (I don't think our panel does that anyway?)-- and if I turn off engine and unplug hookup, the panel just goes dead.

jiwawa 15-10-2020 16:08

That's not one I'm familiar with. I assume you've pressed the extreme right button?

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