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javea 28-10-2017 19:44

Hymer Aerial amplifier
I stumbled upon an old thread about aerial amplifiers in A class Hymerís today, Baron1 who no longer appears to post on here, was talking about a wire from an aerial booster in the roof lining that needed to be connected to a live feed which would improve reception substantially. It was suggested that if the wire was not immediately obvious you should strip back the loom insulation and it would be there.

My problem is that whilst I can see where the aerial wire exits the loom it will be extremely difficult to get to the loom to strip the insulation back. So my question is , does anyone know if these amplifiers were definitely fitted to 2007 models before I employ a very, very small person to try and get in there.

bc109 28-10-2017 21:04

The jury is out on whether aerial amplifiers improve reception. They are generally sited very close to the aerial to overcome losses and interference in the aerial lead which follows. Sometimes that is needed.
The distance is so short between aerial and receiver, I can't see why an aerial amplifier should be needed in a motorhome if the installation is good.
I assume your aerial and leads are now ten years old.
If you want my two-pence it might be better to invest in a new aerial and new down lead bypassing the old wiring.
The fact that your downlead is in the middle of a loom is a very bad idea anyway. It will pickup all sorts of interference from other circuits.
If you decide to go down this cleaner route, then pick a good radio man to fit the new installation and the best quality downlead and connectors.

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