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Hi ref Nobivac vaccination which is the one my youngest dog has had, I queried again the three year vaccination and have received the following reply..........this may help others.

*Edit to add this was the email I sent to them

Hi thanks for the reply, I am sure that the dog is correctly vaccinated as we have already travelled twice with was the three year expiry that worried me.

Just as a matter of interest I presume only one booster will be needed, which date does that go on would it be the first vaccination or the second ? I have contacted DEFRA and they advised me that they go by the manufacturers data I assume as you are saying three years then three years is fine.

Dear ***********

The data sheet for Nobivac Rabies states a booster vaccination every 3 years. This is a single dose.

I am assuming that your dog was vaccinated with two doses initally because he was either:
a) a young animal below three months of age at the first vaccination on 10/4/07 or
b) your veterinary practice gives two vaccines for the initial vaccine cours. This can be helpful in young animals to ensure that the animal reaches the correct titre level when blood tested for the Pet Travel Scheme.

The booster would be due by the day before the expiry of the second vaccination which was 27/4/07 ie. 26/4/10.

Yours sincerely

Nadine Anderson BSc BVetMed MRCVS
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