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Ozzyjohn 23-05-2019 16:20

European Breakdown cover for the larger motorhome
Hi all,

Iíve tried searching this site and elsewhere, but couldnít find what I am looking for (most likely incompetence on my part).

Iím hoping to get European breakdown cover for our current motorhome:
5.5 tonne
8.58 metres long
3.090 metres high

Many of the mainstream suppliers arenít interested because of any one or more of the above measures.

Our previous breakdown cover (for a bigger in all directions motorhome) was combined with our vehicle insurance through Caravan Guard - but they lost my custom because they wouldnít entertain me keeping the new motorhome at our home address - and they struggled to provide a renewal quote even with that stipulation.

So, any suggestions for providers of European breakdown cover for the larger motorhome gratefully received.


Sprinta 23-05-2019 17:01

Interesting question. We currently have a couple of threads on my other forum with regard to breakdowns that have recently occurred abroad, one Greece the other in Corsica.

As the stand alone cover, RAC, wasnít working very well, and the insurance company one working extremely well, I have decided to look into getting cover for the MH from Comfort as it has optional Euro cover that has worked extremely well for the poster on 2 occasions to date. Both MHs are heavy.

erneboy 23-05-2019 17:04

Saga. They may tell you the don't do it but they do. Our RV has been with them since we got it and our 6.25 ton Frankia was before that.

There are threads I wrote on the old site about it.

raynipper 23-05-2019 18:50

How about this John?

We carried the toll free number of a European truck recovery service all the time we drove RVs in Europe. Luckily never had to call but handy if you do.


peribro 23-05-2019 20:13

I insure my van with Comfort Insurance which includes breakdown cover. Maybe you can buy the breakdown cover separately from DAS who provide the cover?

Ozzyjohn 24-05-2019 21:43

Thanks all for the prompt and helpful responses - been busy today as one of our children has flown the nest today, so weíve been helping a very excited couple to move into their first home together.

Iíll do some ringing round next week (post Bank Holiday), and Iíll update this thread when I have the results.

Much appreciated, as always.


Mrplodd 26-05-2019 15:27

Rather than spend loads of time searching why not contact a broker and get THEM to do the groundwork?? They have all the contacts and know who to contact and who not to bother with. Once they get back to you ask them who underwrites the cover, then go direct (naughty but practical)

A few years I used a firm called ďA planĒ (national company) I was very impressed with their service.

On a slightly sideways note......

Just had a call from my pal, heís outside Bordeaux with a dead MH :crying: (3850 kg Autotrail Navajo) He has breakdown cover as part of his Nationwide Flexplus account (as do I)
They have rescued his MH off the motorway, put him up in a hotel and told him if it cannot be fixed in time for his return ferry on 1st June from Caen (a long haul from Bordeaux for a 70 yr old so it will need a few days) they will provide a hire car to get him home AND repatriate his MH once itís fixed.

So the Nationwide breakdown cover is as good as it gets in my view


GMJ 27-05-2019 15:24

Comfort Insurance provide cover as suggested as do Safeguard Insurance.


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