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MyGalSal 23-05-2018 09:23

Insurance for a van in Spain. Help needed.
Morning all

I am in the process of buying a wee PVC in Spain. I am looking for an insurance company, preferably (one can always live in hope) a company that will recognise my 9 years UK No Claim Discount. I have no idea where to begin. I know some members are familiar with insurance etc in Spain so any and all info would be appreciated.


erneboy 23-05-2018 10:26

Jean mentioned it to me Sal.

Can't help much except to give a lead on an English Insurance Agent here.

We have two Spanish registered cars insured here and we did get some NCB because we had previously been named drives on other Spanish policies. I didn't need to ask about transferring NCB from UK insurances so can't advise on that.

One thing I've noticed here is that almost all "brokers" are not really brokers at all. They tend to tied agents representing just one company and are thus not pricing the market for you, simply giving you a price for the single product they can provide.

Also fully comprehensive insurance seems to be unusual on vehicles more than a few years old. The categories we recognise as Comp and Third Party Fire and Theft are differently named and are not quite the same as they are in the UK. Also in Spain it's vehicles which are insured and not drivers so that in the absence of specific exclusions for young drivers or similar all policies are any driver.

There are plenty of English speaking online insurers in Spain and, even though my Spanish is adequate for most purposes, I find it best to try to do something as potentially complicated as car insurance in English just to be sure I avoid any slight misunderstandings.

For my car I've used Harriett Richardson for the last 7 or 8 years and found her competent. She's in Murcia province but that won't prevent her helping I think.

Liberty Seguros

Harriett Richardson

Centro Comercial Camposol A

Camposol Mazarron

Tel.669 046 167 / 868 199 121

Another one that comes up in every search:

Though both of the above are tied to Liberty Seguros I believe. So no point in contacting both.

There's an explanation of categories of insurance in Spain on this page:

There are online insurers advertising for Autocaravana Seguros but I've no idea whether many of them will speak English, which I'd prefer.

Good luck with the search.

MyGalSal 23-05-2018 10:50

Thanks Alan. Goodness that a welcome speedy response.

Mmm, yes, I thought there would be some significant differences. Whilst waiting for some first-hand knowledge I had begun trawling the web. First up was Liberty Seguros who, when I called them put me through to their Ďagentí in my area, Barcelona. I talked to the agent, I checked their name and found they were Inov Expats insurance! Anyway they are sending a quote. Said they recognise UK NCD (but we will see what would be the difference in cost). I moved on to another in the list, said you could get a quote online so filled the form in got as far as cover and a wee message stated only third party available for motorhomes.Eh? Say what? So scrapped that. Found another, - sent off a request for a phone call back then noticed the name at the very bottom -Liberty Seguros! So I was beginning to wonder then read your post and began to understand.
Thanks for the info Alan I will contact the companies you named. I wonder why only third party after a few years. Maybe too many prang their own vehicles 😀
I have my NIE and will apply for residency in a little while (just want to check how that impacts on our UK property re tax etc) but as yet am still UK resident. Can I drive on my UK licence or do I have to convert to Spanish?
Thanks again.

bc109 23-05-2018 11:14

Allianz will do fully comp. on a motorhome. Comparitive cost ?
Don't know. It took a while to find any company doing fully comp in Spain.

erneboy 23-05-2018 11:19

I've kept my UK licence on the basis that I am not residing full time in either Spain or the UK. I did consider changing it for a Spanish one but decided not to for now at least. The insurers seem happy enough with the UK one and haven't queried the length of our stays in Spain.

The third party thing is a right nuisance, though years ago it was much the same in the UK I seem to remember.

My car is 47 years old and is a valuable classic. Several insurers here were prepared to offer only third party, not even fire and theft. I couldn't be doing with that at all. Like your van too big a loss to contemplate not having it insured. Liberty Seguros did a bit better with what, as far as I can tell, is practically fully comp.

Mrs Eb's car is an old one and not very valuable, it's with Generali and is TPF+T done through a local agent here. Next year we'll move it to Harriett if she can offer better cover. It would still represent a loss of Ä3,500 which I'd rather not risk.

Good luck with it and do keep us posted as I'd like to know more about this tricky subject.

GMJ 23-05-2018 14:03


At the risk of sidetracking this useful thread, can I ask what your car is?

Graham :smile2:

erneboy 23-05-2018 14:12

1 Attachment(s)
A Citroen Mehari Graham.

GMJ 23-05-2018 14:13

That's an interesting one ...although the dog doesn't look too impressed!

Graham :grin2:

MyGalSal 23-05-2018 14:44


Originally Posted by bc109 (Post 2945394)
Allianz will do fully comp. on a motorhome. Comparitive cost ?
Don't know. It took a while to find any company doing fully comp in Spain.

I had a look at Allianz website and itís all in Spanish. I can work my way through that but as Alan pointed out, I would prefer English to help with the intricacies. Eg. I contacted one company,, who I now realise are an agent for Liberty (that name keeps cropping up) and telephone conversation was going well until she asked value of my proposed van, apparently they only insure up to Ä40,000. Sheís taken details and will get back to me. She gave me a provisional quote of Ä470. Quite pricey I thought because my last insurance premium for my A class Hymer, of a greater value than the campervan, was only £316.

MyGalSal 23-05-2018 14:50

Hmm, yes, I think I will stick with my UK licence as long as it is accepted. I like the sound of your cars, Alan. New cars just donít have the same interior smell as old, classic cars.

I am waiting now for quotes from several places. The dealership has also promised to source insurance companies. Letís see what we end up with. I have about a week before we collect the van.

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