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GMJ 17-02-2018 19:41

Trips over 30 days

Which of you have policies that insure you for trips over 30 days away? Both MH and home polices if you could.

We will be off to Spain for at least 2 months next winter so I need to make sure that we are covered.


Graham :smile2:

waspes 17-02-2018 19:45

Caravan Guard cover Motor home for 9 months away and breakdown the same. I think Saga do home ins for long trips away.


Mrplodd 17-02-2018 20:18

Try Privilige for your home, they cover up to 60 days as standard (just renewed ours three days ago (3 bed semi and contents for just under £100! )


Glandwr 17-02-2018 21:40

Sorry can't be specific at the moment but there is an insurance company that will give you up to 6 months vacancy on your home insurance if you are a member of the Camping and Caravan Club. You have to join though


barryd 17-02-2018 22:58

AIB Tailor your motorhome insurance and breakdown to your requirements. Motorhome Fruitcakes get a 10% discount. IF they insure that lot they will insure anyone.

DJMotorhomer 18-02-2018 11:13

We had Saga for our 4 month trip ins and breakdown fully covered.


GMJ 06-03-2018 09:30

Having checked my MH policy it covers me for long time trips, the only caveat being the usual one about having a UK residence etc.

Our health insurance only covers to 31 days per single trip and 93 days all told in any period of insurance. So that will necessitate a discussion at renewal time.

Also our home insurance states that we must notify them if we are away for over 60 days. I can't see where it explicitly says they cover up to 60 days, so I'll need to double check that too.

Graham :smile2:

peejay 06-03-2018 10:31

Comfort, we have unlimited EU cover for the van and 90 day cover for the home with no restrictions like relatives/neighbours having to visit etc, they can also do longer periods for the home if req'd.

You can get health travel insurance too as a further bolt on for long periods from them but I think you have to have the van and home insurance first to qualify.


GMJ 06-03-2018 13:56

Thanks Pete

I have my MH insurance with them so it will be worth a conversation when the time comes.

Graham :smile2:

gaspode 06-03-2018 16:56

We found that C&CC offered by far the best value on home insurance - and with a reputable insurer (RSA). Cover is for 180 days with no yearly maximum so you can do 180 days, come home for a day and then go off again.
Best we could find for travel cover was Nationwide who have 30 days as standard but for an extra premium will extend up to 90 days, they're also very tolerant of existing medical conditions. With their FlexPlus accounts you also get European breakdown cover and other benefits thrown in for £13 a month, they also pay 3% interest on balances up to £2500 so worth keeping a few quid in there Their bank card also allows commission-free withdrawals abroad.

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