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Bubblehead 28-08-2010 17:31

Remote speakers for Avtex TV

We have an Avtex 19" TV / DVD thing in our van but we find that the volume is quite poor due to the position of the TV relevant to our sitting position and don't like having to turn the sound right up as we don't want to spoil the enviroment for other campers.

I was thinking that a set of speakers positioned near to where we sit would solve the problem. I have had a look at the rear of the TV but it doesn't have an audio out socket.

I was thinking about trying to take the sound from our sky box, but I don't know if its possible. The best solution would be wireless speakers (easy of fitting) but would fit wired ones if required.

Does anyone know if this is possible or knows anyone who has already done it



erneboy 28-08-2010 17:50

Andy, we have an Avtex, I know the problem. I use an FM transimtter (Tesco etc. for sending ipod sound to car radio) from the sky box and put the sound through the radio. It also means I can listen to satellite radio on a portable radio without the telly on, uses far less power that way.

By the way my Avtex has a headphone socket which I can use with a mini jack lead to connect it to the radio but the wireless way is tidier, Alan.

mickyloo 28-08-2010 19:26


We have a 17" Avtex and it has a built in FM transmitter which can be enabled through the menu, also the transmitting frequency can be altered ( necessary as you may find a local dstation transmitting on the same frequency). Once transmitting you can tune in the cab radio and enjoy the better sound of the cab speakers. I aslo use it to listen outside the van using my Walkman. The 19" Avtex also has this feature.

Better still I connected the AV out leads on the back of the Maxview satellite tuner to the AV in of the cab radio. This way we can permanently use the van's speakers which are in the cab and on the underside of cupboards in the habitation area. The sond is excellent and being direct means we don't have to worry about interference usinf the FM transmitter.

erneboy 28-08-2010 21:20

Micky, that's interesting, I didn't know that. Which menu option would I use to turn the FM transmitter on please, Alan.

mickyloo 29-08-2010 21:15


On the remote controller press TV Setup. Use the down arrow to scroll down through the options. In Functions you will see FM Transmit which by default is off. Turn this on and then check what frequency it is being transmitted on from the option lower down the page. Tune your radio into this frequency and bingo. If you get interference go back into the setup and change the transmitting frequency.

Sprite248 02-03-2018 13:41

Avtex Soundbar
Avtex launched a new soundbar last month which works with the new 9 series, but that is also compatible with previous models. Apparently the sound is excellent. Not many place to buy them online yet , but I found them here:

barryd 02-03-2018 15:29

I just got a pair of USB powered speakers for less than a tenner of ebay. They work perfectly. This thread is 8 years old by the way. Not sure you would be very popular using powerful sound bar on a tightly packed aire.

rayc 02-03-2018 15:57

I bought a remote loudspeaker at a Spanish market for €15. Bluetooth, radio and aux etc. I connect the Avtex earpiece output to the speaker aux in. Excellent sound and 9 hours from a USB charge.

barryd 02-03-2018 17:21

Good idea. Most 12v TVs have USB outlet as well as a 3.5mm jack for headphones or speakers. The USB socket is really for recording on a USB stick but it of course will also power a pair of speakers.

brillopad 02-03-2018 19:32

This is a well known problem, if you speak to a Avtex they will fix it , as they did mine

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