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CaptainBligh 26-05-2009 17:42

Using a Slingbox ?
Has anyone any experience of using a Slingbox ? Are the reliable. What are the pros and cons please ?

JeanLuc 26-05-2009 17:55

RoadPro Andy has tested one in conjunction with the Alden Netmaster. I think there is some info on this on the RoadPro website.

vardy 26-05-2009 17:55

I'd be interested to know too - as my son put me off getting one last year.

raynipper 26-05-2009 20:38

One of our UK members has allowed me to download the software and access his UK TV via slingbox to see if we can view it at Le-Mans this year.

Works great if you have a remote broadband.


GerryD 26-05-2009 21:26

It can lead to a very expensive phone bill.

Pusser 13-12-2012 18:58

I have a Sling Box and it does what it says it will do. (For computers and smart phones) With a lot of hotels, campsites etc offering broadband you can control you Tivo Box, Sky (equivalent), with the picture of the relevant remote control you use at home and everything can be done including record programs and play back already recorded programs plus all the channels you have on your home box.

Limitations I believe would be a weak broadband signal at either or both ends which would cause juddering of breakages but so far I have not been in that situation. I would imagine on a campsite you may be limited by the number of campers all logging into the campsite wifi but I don't know.

Brilliant for me and I expect this is duplicating what has been said somewhere on here before but cannot find anything relevant except this 2009 post.

Note since 2009, most broadband is now much faster and for those with 4G then the world could be your winkle.

satandpcguy 13-12-2012 20:34

And what out if your "host" is on a fair useage policy, and the sling does not eat away at the monthly upload quotas.

But then try
or get an appletv
or xbmc for a laptop / pc
or simply download programmes and watch at your lesiure rather than trying for full 24/7 365 live tv...

raynipper 14-10-2020 21:57

I know it's an old thread but just been trying to set up a slingbox at home in preparation for Portugal.
Basically I have been going round in circles for almost two days now. The box is a 500 without a remote but can get a remote on the phone. But all I can get now is the set up instructions onscreen in German and unable to change channels or language.
It won't show any wifi but will connect and update via an ethernet cable. But then we just sit there and try everything.

Any more experienced operator members?


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