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GMJ 01-12-2017 15:41

Satellite dish in freeezing weather!
Having just come back from mid west Wales and some pretty cold weather I had an issue with my satellite dish and it freezing in place!

When we arrived it was raining however it turned sub zero pretty quickly. As such and unbeknownst to me, my dish had frozen in place. When I tried to put it up the fuse blew! Then, this morning, despite waiting until the sun had been on it for some time, another blew as it tried to retract (frozen again).

My advice is therefore...

- Know where your satellite control box is in your MH. The dealer I bought mine off had rather thoughfully put ours behind the Sargent conrol unit which neccessitated taking out the Sargent box and then groping blindly for the fuse on the satellite control box...which was also thoughtfully stuck to the back wall of the aperture which the Sargent had just been removed from!

- Keep some spare fuses on board. Mine was a 5A.

- Have your booklet for the satellite system handy so you can read the error code.

Luckily I had noticed a set of ladders on the site that we were on, so I borrowed these and threw a bowl of warm water over the base of the satellite. This freed up the mechanism so I could stow it for the journey home.

Graham :smile2:

Penquin 01-12-2017 15:45

Timely reminder to all out at the present as winter strikes (only 2.9C here in France and it's mid-aternoon....)

No easy answer unless you can flood the system with warm/hot water befor attempting to put it up or take it down.....

Thanks Graham

coppo 03-12-2017 21:48

Cant use them in wind, now freezing weather, what next.

They should come with a warning, a bit like awnings''Only use in lovely, still weather''

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