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HermanHymer 29-07-2014 19:40

Free internet now the norm on campsites
I've just travelled through Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and now Switzerland and a new trend this year is emerging. Every campsite I have been to in the last month has included free internet (except UK).

On to France next - let's see how that pans out!

listerdiesel 29-07-2014 19:53

Only free one we found was at Dijon, all the others charged for it. The site at Plasmolen charged but we got 72 hours free as we had paid for two cars, trailer and tent etc.


GerryD 29-07-2014 20:31

Came back Friday before last, hardly any free Wifi on sites. Even McDonalds have cut back on power to prevent car park surfers.

cabby 29-07-2014 21:07

I have found that in France as well, I tend to do as much as possible off line and then buy a coffee/drink at an internet site and then send all.


Sprinta 29-07-2014 22:05

I spent the last fortnight in Scotland and on the last CC site we stayed it had free wifi. i hadn't even bothered before and it was only on being offered the sign on details that I considered going online as previously I'd simply 'hotspot'd from my iphone

safariboy 29-07-2014 22:19

In Spain last winter WIFI was often free but they were clearly introducing charges asap. As against that they were installing better systems more comparable with the standard on CC and CCC sites.

HurricaneSmith 29-07-2014 23:47

Almost every French Tourist Office offers free wi-fi, but don't expect a blisteringly fast connection.

They also seem to have regional variations for server and connection methods.

mcpezza 30-07-2014 07:18


Just returned from a couple of weeks in France, stayed on six sites only one of which charged, a Yelloh site on the south coast.

Connection speed is usually slow, as I find with most open networks, due to the volume of users generally. The motorhome wifi router works great on the sites that charge, once logged in we use four devices for one payment.


cheshiregordon 30-07-2014 07:44

we use the ACSI book to find the sites with free Wifi and as a rule won't stay at those that charge for it. There is usually a choice of sites in any area. Although not fast the free wifi is usually sufficient to allow video skype to the grand-children.
In the UK I use BT hotspots refusing to pay the high club prices for Wifi

wp1234 30-07-2014 22:35

Also just back from France . Most municipals visited had free wifi although speeds were not always blisteringly fast.

Ludlow site on the way back 5 for 24 hrs , great welcome back to rip off UK

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