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tude 31-07-2014 13:01

Both clubs here do wifi 20 for 1yr hardly think that's a rip off and
They are fast enough to watch YouTube if that's what you want to do


pomme1 31-07-2014 13:44

I agree with Tude. There's a world of difference between the connection speeds on CC sites and most sites offering 'free' wi-fi.

I think the CC actually charge 25 for a year's unlimited access. Personally, I think that's bl**dy good value for money.

We've just come back from an extended tour of Scotland, and most sites charging for wi-fi were asking 4 for 24hrs through 'Highland Wi-fi'. The very few free ones we found had dire connectivity unless you were sitting under the node.

Unfortunately, most CC sites north of Inverness don't have a connection of any sort at the moment!


MrWez 31-07-2014 18:09

Having just got back from France, all of the sites offered WiFi (even though one claimed that it didn't), we had to pay at one of the sites and most of the sites only had WiFi in a very small area (usually near reception or the bar - which was a shame in the case of the latter obviously). Only one site had free WiFi throughout the site. We stayed at 5 sites in total.

I think free WiFi with decent connection speeds available throughout the site should be the norm and not the exception.

Christine600 31-07-2014 20:37

I am currently in France. 2/2 campsites want 1/hour for wifi. Now on a beautiful aire in Thierry close to a McDonalds and can go online thanks to the wifi amplifier antenna.

Zozzer 01-08-2014 13:08

One of our favourites is Borgerswold in Veendam in the Netherlands.

53.106329N 6.847847E

7 a day inc electric, free showers and blisteringly fast free wifi.

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