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Satellite TV


Dave is quite correct - probably all the info is already here - somewhere.

In the past, I had a satellite dish on the roof of my motorhome. It had a wire that was connected (via the roof) to a SKY receiver inside the motorhome. Another wire then carried the signal to the TV. Job done. The cost was just under 2000. When I wanted to use the satellite system, I simply pushed a button, and the satellite dish looked around for the signal and sorted itself out. The problem arose when trees were in the vicinity. It was a choice of no TV or move the van.

I have recently sold the motorhome and left the satellite dish on.

My next motorhome is likely to have a manual satellite dish. By manual, I mean one where I have to locate the satellite signals rather than the dish searching for them. In order to do this, I shall need...

1) 1 x satellite dish on a tripod
2) Some wire (what ever it is called) to transfer the signals from the dish to the SKY box.
3) A SKY box - I already have this as another MHF member donated it to me.
4) A TV
5) A compass - so I can find the approx location of the satellite.
6) A satellite finder that beeps when you are pointing in the right direction.

The total cost if bought new for the above will be under 200.00.

You can see all that lot on display at - this is a firm run by one of our members. I have never ordered from him, but have phoned for advice in helping other people set up their manual systems and so when I am ready to deal, Shane is the man.

If I have missed anything on the above list, I am happy to be corrected as manual satellite dishes are new to me.

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