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Cheapest way into sat may well be with one of the 'Camping' sets offered at various times by Makro, Aldi, Lidl, Maplins or Ebay. For about 50 you get a small dish with the magic LNB which receives the signal, a cable and a Simple Decoder which connects to a scart socket on your tv and gives you all the free sat stations.
It's not smooth, it's not expensive and so does not confer any bragging rights down the club, but it does give you a cheap way to evaluate what you need and what you want.
If you go straight to a van mounted system you will get an all singing, all dancing, system which works at the press of a button. Oh, unless there are trees about - then you have to move your van to get a signal.
It all depends on how keen you are to have tv.
If you have deep pockets then just go to a specialist and say, 'fit me a good system'.
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