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androidGB 18-01-2008 09:05

I'm not being lazy - honest. Just need your help.
I wonder if some of you would give me the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

At the end of March we cross via the tunnel en route for the April tour of Morocco with Desert Detours.

When I say we, I'm talking of just me an my 8 year old Grandson.

Mindful of the fact that we have a lot of miles to cover and boredom may set in on the first part of the journey I'm going to try to limit it to about 250 miles a day.

I intend to do about 100 miles in the evening of the day we cross the channel, and then we stop at Poitiers to visit Futuroscope (got a site sorted for that one)

So are there any recommendations for sites or stopping places every 250 miles or so from Poitiers. I can of course do a few more miles one day and a few less the next if it works out better.

So a nice little logistical excercise for you, whilst the weather is so bad :(

Any help gratefully received


Duadua 18-01-2008 11:13


I made the journey last year to meet Ray prior to Morocco. Great trip in Morocco and please pass my best wishes to Ray and Debbie when you meet them.

I allowed a week to get down there and have a couple of days off, after the motoring down, with 2 children, before meeting MOH and going on to Morocco. I understand your sensible aim of say 250 miles per day but wonder if I might stir the thinking a bit.

Futuroscope is obviously an 8 year old's dream come true (well I imagine it is but I haven't been) so no change there.

I just wonder thereafter if a little more flexibility re driving when the roads are quieter, i.e. during the early mornings or evenings when your grand son might also be able to sleep, and not be so liable to boredom (unless he is a real petrol head already), and getting down there sooner to enjoy warmer outdoor weather might also be a good idea to consider, giving yourself a warm break before enjoying even warmer Morocco.

France in March might be somewhat cool and grey for 4 days?

In the end I took a lot less than a week and went on to enjoy the warmth of Spain.

Otherwise ... Bilboa and the Guggeneheim Museum might be worth a stop. Can't offer camp site advice as we didn't use one when paying a visit on another trip.

Toledo ... a walled city is well worth a visit. Stayed in a car park with other MH's (see camp site database).

Further south still, Rhonda, Cordoba, Grenada and Seville are all worth a visit, by which time you are nearly there anyway.

Best of luck and enjoy your trip down and Morocco itself.


bigfoot 18-01-2008 11:13

This is a bump reply. Have you considered using aires? Or would the via Michelin site show stopovers. May camping cheques would work. What are you doing to prevent "are we there yet" syndome?

androidGB 18-01-2008 11:58

Hi Duadua, many thanks for your reply and advice and for suggesting an alternative way of looking at the journey. I'll certainly give that some thought as it could well work out better. Ideas like this are just what I need, from people who have done the journey.

Bigfoot thanks for the bump, I'll have a look at the Michelin site, and I do have some Camping Cheques to use up , so again a good idea.

Fortuanately my Grandson has discoved the magic of Audiobooks and I've got a selection lined up, he gets absolutely engrossed in the stories. The trick is to find things that are suitable for me and him.

Keep 'em coming


TinaGlenn 18-01-2008 12:08

Hi Andrew,

We are planning on using Aires and camp sites, although we haven't made any hard and fast plans for the route yet. We haven't taken the wendy house abroad at all yet so this will be our first time. I have got the "All the Aires" book in english and also brought the "Camping Card ACSI" book.
We are planning on popping into Futurescope too, Glenn took our son there a couple of years ago and wants to go again so that is the only place we have got planned so far.

As for boredom, as much as I hate kids being glued to the tv, this is the one type of journey where portable DVD players come into their own. A child can easily get lost for an hour or so into a favourite film during a trip. Nintendo DS, Gameboy any of those type of things also help to pass the drive (get the plug in power lead). Mine wouldn't read anything while travelling, but they would both draw and write if at a table when younger. I did find a bit of blu-tack under the box with pens and pencils stoped a lot of crawling about on the floor too.

When travelling on your own with a child as Glenn found to his cost, it isn't always a good idea to travel early or late leaving them to sleep, as you get to your destination and they are wide awake and then you can't catch up on your own rest, essential when driving long distances.

Happy planing


mauramac 18-01-2008 12:16

Hi Andrew

Just me, taking the opportunity to say hello and how much I admire you for taking your 8 year old grandson away on such a marvellous journey.

Whatever you do I am sure it will be wonderful and what a great gift you are giving him for the future - all those memories to treasure of your time together. That's a gift money can't buy, so well done and my best wishes for a lovely holiday.

Sorry I can't actually be of any help :roll:


chapter 18-01-2008 18:11

which route are you planning to take ?

androidGB 18-01-2008 18:38

Hi Maura,

Nice to hear from you again, and BTW congrats on the new van. I did send you a PM at the time, but I think I forgot to put a title , and apparently if you fail to do so it isn't sent.

Really looking forward to the Morocco trip, it's a long time for Gabriel to be without his Mum and Dad, so the plan at the moment is for his Dad to meet us in Marrakech (which is near the end of the trip), have a couple of days there, and then fly home with him. Then I'll take the scenic drive home :D


androidGB 18-01-2008 18:52

Hi Chapter,

I was thinking Calais > Rouen>Le Mans>Tours>Poitiers>Bordeaux>San Sebastian>Burgos>Madrid>Granada etc

But always prepared to listen to alternatives


chapter 18-01-2008 19:08

i was thinking a bit of fun in the snow for the g/s and cheap goods and fuel for you how about the andorra route

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