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mandyandandy 19-01-2008 07:56


We have an 8 year and 16 year old to amuse on long trips in the van, we tried games to play but game turned into competition and fall- outs so they stopped. The DVD player was excellent but I am guessing he is going to be riding shot gun with you and not at the table so would be a bit difficult.

Our solution was to buy them a Game Boy each, yes I know not everyones solution but we are not bored and 8 and I remember having Bunty and Jackie in the back of the car as field upon field didn't interest me at 8 either (much to my fathers disgust). We got them on Ebay along with many cheap games as the DS has now taken its place (they got those for christmas when we saw how much pleasure they got from the original ones). I also have to add how much my daughters reading and thirst for books has improved since she has to read the instructions on the screen or doesn't get to play it properly.

They are only allowed them when we are on the move and they live in a tin the rest of the time and never come into the house, it keeps them a novelty. The children have now got used to looking straight out of their window the minute they hear me shout "water or church or other things of interest" as they have missed too many things by not looking up quick enough, and it really pees them if the other sees something and they don't . :?

Have a great trip I bet you are both going to love it. We stay on Aires most of the time which the 8 year old loves, 16 year old likes the sites for the totty that he might find (apparently sparse on Aires) :)


peedee 19-01-2008 08:08

Hi Andrew,

The aire at Cap Breton could be a good place to stop after Futurescope. Have a look at my blog of last years trip >here< because I followed a similar route as far as Madrid stopping at Camping Pico de la Miel after Cap Breton.

Hope you have a good trip.


Grizzly 19-01-2008 10:38

Don't forget to encourage your grandson to keep a scrapbook of the adventure. If he's not got one already a disposible camera for photos and a folder to keep all the toll tickets, sugar packets, entrance tickets etc etc etc and then a big scrap book to glue them into each night. If you could cope then a small dictaphone and he could do an en route audio diary. I remember it well....

This site is good too:


androidGB 20-01-2008 09:44

Thanks guys for all of your suggestions.

Any more stopovers or sites you can recommend?


pippin 20-01-2008 10:05

How about a day at that volcano/earthquake place in the middle of France, near Clermont Ferrand.

It sounds as though it would give him something to talk about for days.

Re-opens on 19th March

Listen to the introduction in French before clicking on the Union Jack.

Duadua 21-01-2008 11:26


Originally Posted by androidGB
Hi Chapter,

I was thinking Calais > Rouen>Le Mans>Tours>Poitiers>Bordeaux>San Sebastian>Burgos>Madrid>Granada etc

But always prepared to listen to alternatives


The above route works well in my opinion. The only catch may be, if my memory serves me right, is that sat navs and perhaps signposts tempt you to cut a corner between San Sebastien and Burgos, i.e. missing the southern outskirts of Bilboa. But some of this shortcut is a single carraigeway, up and over some hills, rather than a dual carraigeway or motorway. It is easily passable, but is favoured by quite a few slow moving lorries.

Looking at autoroute now, at home, rather than on the move, and again if memory serves me well, it appears that the single carraigeway goes via Mondragon and lies in the Basque area and this might explain why the upgrading of the diagonal shortcut has not been completed (or started).

Repeat the diagonal works, but you may prefer to continue following signs till Bilbao and the A68 south towards Miranda de Ebro, and then Burgos. I have done both and my preference is for the longer way round.

If anyone can be correct this or confirm this, please do.

Best of luck.

thefman 21-01-2008 13:40

hi there is a campsite a mile or so from futurescope, and there is a massive car park for motorhomes at futurescope allow yourself a good full day at futurscope at least.


Grizzly 21-01-2008 14:09


Originally Posted by thefman

and there is a massive car park for motorhomes at futurescope


Can you overnight at the car park Mark ? Is it an aire ?

thefman 21-01-2008 14:19

hi i think you can when we were there a couple of years ago
many of the vans looked like they had been there a day or two. from memory i think you pay for parking when you leave :)


androidGB 21-01-2008 15:48

Thanks again Duadua for your advice, I've had a look at what you're saying and it looks as though it only adds about 12 miles, so if it's an easier road I'll certainly go that way.

I've emailed Futuroscope and although they didn't directly answer my question it looks as though you can overnight in the car park, but as Mark suggested there is a site that takes Camping Cheques a mile or so away So I think I'm going to have a couple of nights there. Then I can do a full day and the evening.


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