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Ban on excessive dog barking

The mayor of a town in northern France has issued a ban on excessive dog barking in a bid to curb canine noise pollution. Now who would have believed that?

Any chance of it being widened to include Spain? Any chance of noise abatement being extended to include mopeds?
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And Germany.
When we let Motley out for his last penny we hear dogs barking in other villages 2 or 3 km away. I just do not understand how people can ignore their own dog barking.

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Whenever I see these sort of articles, I always wonder how they actually stop the dog barking. Sure, maybe they could fine the owner, but the dog will still bark. Putting the dog down seems a little excessive, but, then, iím a dog owner / lover.
After another serious rant on the subject in our local English Rag down here recently in the Algarve .....the land of the barking expat was asking what legal redress could be had against a neighbourís dog barking.......a commentator wrote.....Ēfor goodness sake, this rural another bottle and calm downĒ.
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We've had 9 dogs not one has barked just for the sake of it even if left alone at home, I know because we have always asked neighbours to listen.
Motley barks when he's playing or when the door bell rings or when we ask him to speak 😃 as all the others did.
Ian Dunbar made a video about teaching a dog to speak and how to make it shush, it worked very well on 2 of our dogs, one who started barking at 6 am when the milkman came the other who barked at the postman.

I'm Jan
We learn something new every day.
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Ours only barks if something goes through the garden such as deer.....

Even then it's only for perhaps a couple of ,injures so not excessive.

But a friend has dogs nearby that bark 24/7 - they are left outside and bark continuously. Complaints have got nowhere, the local farmer has offered to help with a shotgun but even that has had no impact...

The local Mayor is several km away so is not affected by the noise and seems unwilling to do more than send a letter......

So yes, it can be a problem and sorting it may be lengthy........

Very sorry for those who's lives are upset by such an intrusive row....

Maybe surgery should be imposed ? No, not on my friends ears but on the voice box of the offending dogs......
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Exlax. A big bar and they are frightened to breath let alone bark. The owner gets the message as well.!

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If a dog is left alone and barks all day/ night

It is a problem

Shadow left alone in the van or house is silent , providing we close the van blinds heís off guard
Otherwise any one approaching is a possible threat

In the garden he barks at anyone that makes a noise outside the gate, he canít see them but he can hear them

Postmen etc who enter the first gate are not welcome, but the internal gate is locked so they are safe

Heís guarding his territory and if he was locked out day or night I guess he would go on guarding

When family/friends leave he barks his annoyance , or maybe his goodbye

If Albert and I leave together he knows we are going out and remains silent

So Iím guessing that dogs whose barking becomes a nuisance are either lonely or perpetually kept as a guard dog and left outside day and night

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My neighbour's dog barks incessantly when she's out. I think she (the dog) takes her responsibilities very seriously when the madam is out, hence the constant warnings to anyone who might even be thinking of invading her turf, even if she cant see any offending party, even if there is no 'thinking of offending' party.
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We have two neighbours gardens that joins ours on one side and another one on the other side. Between them they have six never ending barking dogs. One is a complete nut case that barks non stop every time it is in the garden. The owner says that it is barking at the birds and he canít do anything about it! Anotherís dog barks, he shouts at it, the dog continues barking and he shouts louder, and on and on. It would be funny if it didnít happen so often. I have thought of making a recording of the racket and playing it back load and clear on a continuous loop in the garden, or maybe some rap, hoping they might get the message. I would probably be accused of being a nuisance neighbour. We really look forward to a few days away in the van for some peace and quite, unless a nuisance dog is on the next pitch of course, which to be fair isnít very often.
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