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Mrplodd 31-07-2016 18:02

Well as the subject doesn't seem to have reared its ugly head yet this year, I thought I would start things off >:)

It occurred to me the other day, whilst having a moments contemplation about Mrs P's and my forthcoming 6 week trip, that of all the incidents of "aledged" gassing over the preceding years seem to have involved only motorhomes and not a single caravan, which struck me as being somewhat perverse! I accept that we tuggers are barred from Aires but I have, in the past, seen caravans whose owners are clearly overnighting (on the supposedly terribly unsafe) motorway service areas.

Can it be that tuggers are viewed as being the poor relations of MH'ers with nothing worth stealing??

Just askin like !!


barryd 31-07-2016 18:15

Yeah bloody Peasants!! The Gassers know that Tuggers do not have Rolex watches and €3000 lying around in cash which it seems is exactly what all Motorhomers who are "gassed" seem to have. :D

aldra 31-07-2016 18:25

well I always have the required amount of cash

The tiaras jewellery,etc

They just won't break in to steal it

Im well pissed of


BrianJP 31-07-2016 18:41

It has aledgedly happened to campers in tents at the same time as motorhomers on the same sites but be careful as there is a huge can of worms just waiting to be opened on this subject.

buxom 31-07-2016 18:42

Well I must admit to being somewhat sceptical about such stories but then one night it happened to us and we almost passed out but survived and where most surprised that our newly installed gas alarm had not gone off but then we remembered we had had mushy peas with our fish and chips so panic over.

KeithChesterfield 31-07-2016 19:28

Yes,it has been a boring day hasn't it?

Baguetteand pain au chocolat for brekky in Boulogne this morning, no migrantsto be seen or run over on the way to Eurotunnel, large dog runningloose and possibly killed at the Pet Passport Office, bl**dy touristsholding up the queues at check-in, Passports okay despite wife havinggrown a beard on holiday, ten minute wait before being let on thetrain, Eurotunnel guy banged his head on my wing mirror before I hada chance to pull it in, long wait at Dartford to go through tunnelbut not as long a wait as those going t'other way as Police hadstopped traffic moving on the other carriageway before the bridge,220 miles in four hours with only two stops for a cuppa, unloaded MH,wine now carefully maturing at home, enough mucky clothes to fill awashing machine a dozen times, Chinese takeaway in an hour or so andfirst time watching tele in three weeks – and now someone mentionsgassing!

It'sgood to be home - planning the next trip.

wug 31-07-2016 20:16

Yeah, not much happening on the forums these days.

Penquin 31-07-2016 21:20

A good referendum would liven things up a bit.....

Gassing simply puts people to sleep and it's a steal.....

Mind you we also all know that the security in a tugged unit is so slack that you don't even need to bend the hairpin first.........

Shal I go back to sleep now?


cabby 31-07-2016 21:50

Referendum, have we missed something there Dave, was there a thread on that, have you a link.>:)>:):grin2::grin2:


Penquin 31-07-2016 22:02

Nah Cabby, it's like London buses, you wait around for hours and suddenly loads come along at once.....:crying::grin2::wink2::surprise::nerd:

exactly the same with Referendum threads..... you wait for years and years and then suddenly along comes about 50 all at once (but they all have the same non-news in them) :frown2::frown2::frown2::frown2::frown2:

Dave >:)

(cue Barry and Allan)

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