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Hi, I picked up my new McLouis Tandy 640 ES 3 weeks ago and have been very pleased. This is our first motorhome and to our suprise, choosing which make and model was quite straightforward. It virtually chose itself!

After sitting down and considering new or used we decide upon new and 3 main criteria which we thought would be simple enough to satisfy.

1. Seatbelts for each of our 3 children in the back (essential as far as we're concerned).
2. Plenty of beds without the need to convert seating etc.
3. Cab air con

After studying several magazines I viewed several models from Swift and Autotrail but neither could satisfy the seatbelt criteria. The maximum rear belted seats seems to be 2 as standard. The only British model we could find with 4 seatbelts in the back was a Swift Sundance/Ace Firenze but neither came with Air Con. (some might say it isn't essential but when you're spending £40k or more I think it is!)

We came across the McLouis by accident when visiting an Autotrail dealer and as soon as we saw the layout and spec we knew it would suit us well. 4 seatbelts in the back, Cab air con standard and we can all sleep comfortably without making up the dinette area into a bed. The overall feel inside was also far more modern and family oriented.

After our 1st trip we also realised that the bonus of having a garage for all our gear and 2 dogs was really essential and should have been high up on our list. Thankfully our Mclouis has one!

We were able to get the latest version with Comfort-Matic and after covering 1k miles since we picked it up all I can say is that it's a pleasure to drive.

Compared to other makes I looked at I wouldn't class our motorhome as a "budget" model, but as I said, I'm new to all this.

All together very happy and no problems so far.

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