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geraldandannie 06-09-2010 18:26

Where does your dog sleep?
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I've been looking at vans again :oops:

Apart from all of the other 'deal-breakers', sleeping room for the dog has now added itself to the list.

Our Tess sleeps and "gets out of the way" under the lounge fixed table (see 1st photo). However, a van which ticked all other boxes had a stonking big pedestal for the table, and a change in floor height in the middle (see 2nd photo).

I was peering inside an A-class Rapido, which seemed to have room between the front seats and the dash. But I don't like A-class motorhomes, and we wouldn't use the drop-down bed anyway :roll:

Any suggestions? It's not so much when we're asleep that's a problem, it's during the evening if we're in the van :?


greenasthegrass 06-09-2010 18:34

Ours sleep in the cab area behind the swivel seats its the euro lounge we have their bed (big cushion) there they don't move all night and its a bit cooler for them in warm weather and warmer in cooler weather due to a hole for the blown heating under the table.

Obviously they would prefer to be in bed with us as sossies are renowned for that but no way am I waking up with dog breath on both sides!

We have trained them not to jump up even though occasionally we get a sneaky go!

We like A class Rapido's too as they are quite short and compact and bijou - one day might change.


PS your heading made me laugh!

neilbes 06-09-2010 18:34

The seats look comfy,I am sure Tess would not mind sleeping on them.

loddy 06-09-2010 18:36

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On my bed 8O


neilbes 06-09-2010 18:39

Could the table not be changed.?

And a bed made to compensate for the floor level change.

geraldandannie 06-09-2010 18:49


Originally Posted by greenasthegrass
Ours sleep in the cab area behind the swivel seats

Same as ours then.


Originally Posted by greenasthegrass
PS your heading made me laugh!

it took me several looks to see what you were talking about :roll: Now fixed :wink:

Loddy - not an option

Neil (1) - not an option

Neil (2) - believe it or not, I did think of that, but there's something about spending over £40k on a motorhome, chucking the table out and adding bits in :roll: But despite that, and strangely, it's an option 8O The problem is that they've got the rear bathroom (which I really want), but they've squeezed everything else forward to make it fit in the same body length, I think. The Euro lounge area is smaller, and the kitchen area is smaller with the bed just behind it. If only I could have our van, and then add 2 feet to the back for the bathroom, I'd be (reasonably) happy.


ardgour 06-09-2010 19:12

Our Tess sleeps under the dashboard between the 2 front seats of our Hymer A class. She loves it - travels in the rear lounge (with a stair gate across for safety then as soon as we park up she runs forward and waits for her bed to be moved under the dash. We use the drop down bed so she has a little cave all to herself at night.
Tess is a working beardie, about the same size as a border collie.
I could try taking some photos if you want


DABurleigh 06-09-2010 19:14

Sounds to me that the tail's wagging the dog 8O :roll: :D


RichardnGill 06-09-2010 19:51

when we fist got the van he was not allowed on the seats, but he soon got his own way


JustRadio 06-09-2010 20:24

Blossom sleeps in the garage. I asked Peter Hambilton to remove the lower step from the bed, make a portcullis for the occasions she needs to be restrained, and raise the garage so it's the same level as the floor of the Hymer, (more storage under).

She loves it in her "bat cave", private and protected, her own special place of choice except on the road. She has to share with a generator, cable store and an inflatable boat, but she's not a Great Dane. There's also a spare panel that can slot in to hide the whole thing if The Blos is not included on a trip.

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