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JanHank 25-02-2019 18:01

Here is Motleys new friend
She is such a friendly little cat, we call her `Itsme´.:grin2:

Not very good quality because its taken with a camera and the light was bad.
I will do another using the proper video one of these days.

JanHank 14-04-2019 17:54

Itsme and her new family.
5 Attachment(s)
Click photos to enlarge. I'm sorry they are a bit blurry, I couldn´t get far enough away from the subject.

jiwawa 14-04-2019 20:50


JanHank 19-04-2019 17:49

3 Attachment(s)
The grey one had one eye open today :smile2:

Another new friend, not as friendly to Motley, YET, as Itsme is.

This is the gate we go in to see Itsme and the babies, Motley knows the way.

JanHank 24-04-2019 18:58

We go to visit Itsme every evening about 6pm and I take her a packet of cat food so as soon as she here's my voice she comes out of her shed to greet me.
Today the kittens have their eyes fully open. I show them to Motley every day so he is always keen to go out at 6pm and heads straight for the gate and waits for me to open it, he says hello to Itsme and heads straight to the kittens.
I'll take the camera tomorrow.

JanHank 24-04-2019 20:21


Originally Posted by JanHank (Post 3027895)
We go to visit Itsme every evening about 6pm and I take her a packet of cat food so as soon as she here's my voice she comes out of her shed to greet me.
Today the kittens have their eyes fully open. I show them to Motley every day so he is always keen to go out at 6pm and heads straight for the gate and waits for me to open it, he says hello to Itsme and heads straight to the kittens.
I'll take the camera tomorrow.

She does of course hear my voice, not what the kindle auto thingy put.

patp 28-04-2019 07:35

Are you tempted Jan?

JanHank 28-04-2019 10:02

We dream only, Hans saw an advert for a 17 month old GSD in the free paper yesterday, that's how old Shade was when we first had him. Thrown the paper away😑 not looking.😡

patp 29-04-2019 07:44

We only ever have one dog at a time, now. Had some bad experiences with multiples and found that when one got left on its own it was just as happy if not happier.

aldra 29-04-2019 08:07

I wish we had some friendly cats

As rats seem to be our companions

But I love my birds and a cat or two would be tying about going away

jan you are 75 ish

A GS lasts about 12- 14 years

So you need an old dog in need of a loving home

And shadow is 11 .......

Only joking, he makes my day begin

But you have the chance to make an old dogs day begin

And Hans is a dog whisperer


JanHank 29-04-2019 10:13

And who is going to walk this dog, lift it into the car when it can´t get in, groom it and all the other things that go with big dogs. Unfortunately no, we are no longer fit enough, we have decided and it´s the best and wisest decision.

I think you had the wrong combinations, we've always had at least 2, before Shade and Motley we had 3, when Kristel, the Matriarch, died the other 2 went down hill quite rapidly and it was obviously they missed her as we did.

Motley is only now beginning to accept Shade is no longer here, he would look for him in all our old walking places and that was also quite obvious. Now he looks forward every day to seeing Itsme, the kittens and the other cats.
Another of the cats is now making up to him so we have named her/him Metoo, it can´t be picked up yet, just like Itsme, but we are allowed to stroke it and I have lifted it off the ground a few times, it'll soon be like Itsme and then I can look to see if it´s he or she:grin2:

aldra 30-04-2019 21:24

I forgot you have motley

And I agree I’d never have two dogs again

And when Shadow goes

Well we can travel far afield if joints allow it

No longer will a hound from hell

leap on the bed when Albert gets up and talk to me

This is one vocal hound

To demand his meals if he’s feeling well

To adore the family visiting

To protect the van, the house

To leave a huge gap in our life

When he goes


JanHank 30-04-2019 21:37

There's still two big gaps here😥
But to go and visit Itsme, the kittens, Metoo who is getting very touchable and I can now lift it up a few inches from the ground, plus 4 or 5 others and the chickens with cockerel who also eat the dry cat food, it's a nice half hour each day.

aldra 30-04-2019 22:01

For us there will be only one now

The hound from hell

Who has bit all his babies, although gently , maybe not always so gently , but respect they didn’t bleed

And they love him this gentle and not so gentle giant

He’s never eaten a cat , chased a few up trees

And when this dog dies

Well he has certainly had his day

With respect to the poem

A little dogs day

Which probably describes a young me

And a hound from hell , named shadow


aldra 30-04-2019 23:10

“All in the town were still asleep

When the sun came up with a shout and a leap

In the lonely street unseen by man

A little dog danced and his day began “

And how stupid is it 75 years later, possibly only 70 yrs I still

I was the little dog that danced

I never accepted the children’s homes

I hated the ladies and bit all the babies

I chased all the cats up the trees and then ate them

They thought that the devil was holding a revel .....

....Outside in the gloom of the twilight grey

The little dog died but he’d had his day

And I met Albert


patp 01-05-2019 08:09

Very poetic Sandra!

I have had lots of combinations, Jan. They all got on with each other and mourned when one died. Some combinations were troublesome such as the hounds that would go off hunting others were mutually beneficial where a younger dog would guide an old one away from danger. Older dogs are useful for teaching puppies manners. Just last Autumn we had four here. Now down to one again.

It is the human dog interaction that is, in my opinion, better when there is only one. We can totally meet the needs of that dog without having to consider another one.

A little story.
At work we had a client with two small breed dogs. According to the owner, the dogs were "inseparable". They informed the practice that when the time came to part with one they would have to have the companion put to sleep at the same time as it would be "inconsolable" without its friend. Well, the sad day came, dog number one was eased out of this life. The owners then asked the vet to perform the same for the second dog who was, although elderly, perfectly healthy. The vet gently explained that he could not put a healthy dog to sleep. Lots of discussions and the vet, exasperated by now, offered them a consultation with me. I advised that the remaining dog should sniff the body of the deceased and to then go home for a spot of spoiling. We duly had a chat about bereavement and loss and how they could help the remaining dog to cope. They were very sceptical and mentioned words like "pining away".

I heard nothing more so followed up by telephone a week or so later only to be told that they were disgusted with said remaining dog as he was happier than he had ever been!

He could now play with whichever toys he liked, sleep where he liked, cuddle his owners and eat his meals without another pair of eyes watching him!

JanHank 01-05-2019 09:43


Originally Posted by patp (Post 3028661)
We only ever have one dog at a time, now. Had some bad experiences with multiples and found that when one got left on its own it was just as happy if not happier.

Not what you said to start with Pat.
We will have to agree to disagree on a lot as far as dogs are concerned.
Does Motley get extra attention -- no, he comes on the bed mornings and bed time for 10 minutes just the same, Shade didn't (only on the odd occasion)
He is played with equally the same because he was the ball chaser, Shade mostly ran round with his ball in his mouth and pointed out where the ball was if Motley couldn´t find it.
Motley still sits between us in the evening as and when he feels like it or it chasing after his ball exactly as before.
Is he happier--- no.
His life has not changed except his and our big and little pal are missing.

The story is irrelevant, to have the ones left behind euthanised at the same time would never cross our minds.
Sounds a bit like a story from a dog behaviourist manual. :smile2:

patp 01-05-2019 11:45

The story (personal experience, by the way, not from a dog behaviour manual :)) was to point out that dogs, themselves, do not need a doggy companion. It was my way of explaining why we now only have one at a time. We humans often believe that dogs are not happy unless they have another dog to live with.
I read, in the paper, just recently that people are criticising other dog owners if they do not provide a "playmate" for their only dog!
Of course, this trend may well have started with breeders hoping to offload a second puppy from the litter on to unsuspecting owners by telling them that they will be "friends" :(

JanHank 01-05-2019 12:26

At least 2 questions should be asked when getting a new dog, IMO as Dave would say :grin2:
Does this breed of dog suit your lifestyle.
Is your K9 experience sufficient to handle this breed of dog.

Mind you some dog owners shouldn't be allowed to own a hamster.>:)

patp 01-05-2019 12:37

I agree, Jan. Sadly, it is not how it works. Most breeders love their particular breed of dog. They are blinkered to its faults and they tell prospective owners that their breed is the best in the world. When complaints reach the breeder their answer is that the dog "will grow out of it" !
The answer, I believe, is to make dogs much harder to come by. If the demand was much more than the supply then the suppliers (breeders and rescue centres) would be in the position to turn unsuitable owners away. If supply was really short then rescue centres would not be needed!

JanHank 03-05-2019 18:08

I've been attached
Been down to see Itsme and give her the usual packet of food and the other cats some dry food.
Chickens all out as normal with the cockerel and as I started walking out the cockerel attached me,
feathers all fluffed for a fight, pecking at me with his vicious beak and he started to jump, feet aimed at my legs and he's got huge feet with ginormous talons.
Luckily I had a plastic carrier bag with a plastic food box in it so gave him a few whacks with that, that didn't deter him he still kept coming at me so I gave him a hard whack and told him if he didn't back off I´d make soup from him, he backed off long enough for me to walk past him.
Motley was with me and thank goodness he had the sense to get out of its way and wait by the gate, I don't know what sort of mess a cockerel could make of a dog who tried to defend its owner.
Anyway I think it was because I hadn't taken the chickens anything today, mind you I´ve only taken them anything special once, the rest of the time they have to a bit of dried cat food I throw to them which the chickens eat but him not, today I didn´t throw any for them so praps thats what upset him.
Any suggestion what I should take tomorrow to defend myself?:frown2:

aldra 03-05-2019 18:47

Oh yes how I remember that Jan

The cock sweeping the ground with his wing as as he eyed me up

Me trying to hang out the washing, keeping eye contact which was the secret

Two cocks and I could no longer manage

And one attacked My youngest child ,ran up his back pecked his head

So one had to go

I cooked him but I couldn’t eat him

So maintain eye contact , watch the that wing as it brushes the floor

And if all else fails run

And I have such delightful memories

Of a friend of ours in Israel, Hungi a big macho guy , and his schnauzer legging it across the field with the cock in pursuit


Drew 04-05-2019 07:32

"Any suggestion what I should take tomorrow to defend myself?"

A cricket bat Jan, plastic bags are too soft.

JanHank 04-05-2019 08:03


Originally Posted by Drew (Post 3029679)
"Any suggestion what I should take tomorrow to defend myself?"

A cricket bat Jan, plastic bags are too soft.

I'm not a cricketer Drew, only got Motleys Tennis racket, that's too soft as well.

patp 04-05-2019 08:16

My mum told me that a Cockerel nearly gored my eyes out when I was a crawling baby. He ended up in the pot. I would take a cage and drop it over his head!

JanHank 04-05-2019 08:28

I think I´ll jut take him a handful of something, even take it out of the chickens food pot, I'm sure he was just telling me

"OI, you haven't given my wives anything yet" :chocobo3:

patp 04-05-2019 11:42

Good job he is just a chicken then and not a ram or bull!! :) :) :)

JanHank 04-05-2019 12:22


Originally Posted by patp (Post 3029739)
Good job he is just a chicken then and not a ram or bull!! :) :) :)

We have been chased by cows in the Dales 😕 that was scarey I can tell you,
beef cattle with young and our big dog at the time loved cows.

patp 04-05-2019 13:35

Crikey! A lady in our village had the same thing happen to her. She had her dog on a Flexi Lead and could not release her hand! They trampled her and, among other injuries, smashed her ankle. The dog was fine :)

Stick with chickens :)

erneboy 04-05-2019 15:36

Good idea, though I confess I wasn't aware that chickens trampled people. I shall be more careful around them. There's one in the oven right now. I'll just wedge the door shut. Better safe than sorry, eh?

aldra 04-05-2019 18:02

Definitely Ernest

Wedge that door

A cock is no wilting lily

No pun intended , blushing face

The reason they used fighting cocks is because they are what they are

We kept a cockerel it was to protect the chickens

They are pretty tough, their wings pretty tough their beaks even tougher

And when their wings sweep the ground, keep eye contact

They are not playing

JanHank 04-05-2019 18:18

I took the chickens a marg pot of cooked cabbage and sausage I've had in the freezer too long, he looked at me as if to say, "thank you, don't forget them again"
The kittens are very chubby, I keep forgetting to take the camera.
There are now 3 other cats that look for me each day, they're costing more to feed than Manny did:grin2:.
It's a bit like having grandchildren, except they don't visit me and wear me out, I just stay with them as long as I want.

aldra 04-05-2019 18:29

exactly like grandchildren

We have two tonight , and one has gone, the other is studying for her law articles

Has just returned from Indonesia

Had a fantastic time

Her boyfriend is there for another month, a gap year

And we must not mention game of thrones

She’s waiting for him

They will watch it together when he returns, young love

Me and Albert old love

I’d have watched it without him >:)


JanHank 05-05-2019 18:08

Where has she put them?
Went to give her and the others there treat, also took the chickens something :grin2:
Horst her owner hadn't seen her all day, but on the way up the road I kept calling her and she came out of the neighbouring house garden (nobody living there at the moment)
We don't know what she has done with the kittens because they are not in their `nest´.
After having her fill of everything going she cleared off, Horst following, but she went into the next garden and vanished.
Why would she move them now, they are quite big but can´t eat on their own, still feeding from her.

A few pictures of the yard, spot the cockerel.

aldra 05-05-2019 18:41

I’m sure they are fine Jan

Time to move on?


JanHank 05-05-2019 19:13


Originally Posted by aldra (Post 3030069)
I’m sure they are fine Jan

Time to move on?


Time for who to move on, me or the kittens?
The kittens are far too young to go anywhere on the own and I am stopping here, I don't want to move.😄

aldra 05-05-2019 19:23

No time for her to move her kittens jan

Who knows why


patp 06-05-2019 07:31

It is very common for cats to move their kittens. Thought to be because fleas and disease build up in the original nest. Fleas can, in large numbers, make a kitten so anaemic from the blood feeding that they die.
Not sure if there is any evidence of it the domestic cat but in lions another male lion will kill youngsters. The cat's instinct might be to move them somewhere safer?

JanHank 07-05-2019 09:32

As we rounded the corner a little before 6 o'clock yesterday after a day out, who should be coming towards the road across the field, our little Itsme.

I usually go down at around six every night so I would say she was coming to find me. I stopped the van, she had no idea it was me and stopped in the field, I went to the door and called her name and the tail went up and she ran towards me, I picked her up and for the first time she allowed me to turn her upside down and hold her like a baby the way I would hold Manny. When I put her down she went to the place under the tree where I used to feed her before she had the kittens.

I didn't have any cat food with me so emptied Motleys food dish he had in the van and gave her fresh water in a container I have left under the tree for her. As we were about to drive off Metoo the black friendly one arrived to share the food.:laugh: Seeing Itsme coming to look for me made my heart go all funny.:love9:

To give you an idea of where things are:-
1. Where she normally lives
2. somewhere in here she has hidden the kittens
3. The small field she was coming from
4. where I stopped and where the oak tree is where she gets fed by me.
5. Our place

I don't know how to change the marker colour or how to get rid of the blue circle from Apples maps.

JanHank 07-05-2019 09:35

Wouldn't put the picture on with the text

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