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erneboy 19-05-2019 19:57

And has he told he's against long grass?

JanHank 19-05-2019 20:06


Originally Posted by erneboy (Post 3033299)
And has he told he's against long grass?

Always afraid he'll get seeds in his sticking up ears Alan, it happened to one of our Shelties, not a nice experience for him or us.

erneboy 19-05-2019 20:33

You could always cut it before it starts to produce seeds, but Ray was right. Plastic and concrete.

Just as a matter of interest, what did you hope a gardener would say?

JanHank 19-05-2019 20:51

How to get rid of these weeds in the grass that won't die even though they've had 2 doses of selective and how to get the grass to grow again. I think you'd better come here and have a look Alan:grin2:

patp 20-05-2019 07:53

The "grading" that farmers do after ploughing is called harrowing :)

Jan you can harrow grass if your local farmer is friendly? It then makes it level (ish). If it is still a bit uneven you could spread top soil in the holes and harrow again. Grass will grow through.

Crows that visit our garden are chased off by our moorhens with help from Georgia. Perhaps make a pond out of one of the depressions so that you encourage some fierce moorhens?

JanHank 20-05-2019 08:47

Thank you, but none of that is possible. I have said before what we have is not top soil, it is ground up rubbish, it took weeks for us to clear the glass from the top, underneath is more glass so to disturb it would be fatel. Top soil cannot be found here, it's all mixed crap including concrete, Windows garden rubbish, just about anything. For the first few years we had a lot of mosquitoes. The weeds we have now look like huge spiders spreading across the ground and another that is really taking over has a tiny blue flower when it's left to grow.
The cobbled drive weeds have a tiny white flower which spreads like wildfire, we have already sprayed the drive 3 times this year with radical.😡,
If we hadn't had the crows and the draught the garden would have still been OK.

JanHank 20-05-2019 09:51

What I didn't tell you is the reason there was no topsoil here to start with, this whole plot was a farmhouse, stables, cow sheds, farm yard.
The big boulders at the bottom and one side of the garden that make the border wall were all dug up from here plus many more that were taken away.
Yellow marks our patch, red line are the boulders (Feldstein) at the bottom, they also go along the right side and a few on the left.
This picture was obviously taken when we were away as only the car is on the drive, and the grass looks good from up there. :grin2:

We are in other words stone rich :laugh:

JanHank 23-05-2019 22:15

The Kittens today
2 Attachment(s)
The black one is there to compare size

patp 24-05-2019 06:59

Do you know what sex they are Jan?

JanHank 24-05-2019 07:54


Originally Posted by patp (Post 3034017)
Do you know what sex they are Jan?

Perhaps you can tell me Pat, the grey one is the biggest :laugh:

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