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Zebedee 27-11-2014 10:21

Vets for Pet Passport. NEW Dataset
Keith's new dataset on Google Maps is now in the Members Guides, along with instructions on how to show the Vet locations as pushpins on Maps.Me.

Would someone (or two) please check out the instructions for both Android and iGadgets. I know nothing about the latter, and hope the instructions are correct . . . but confirmation would be appreciated



Bill_OR 27-11-2014 10:50

Just downloaded the dataset to on my Android tablet - your instructions worked perfectly.
One minor suggestion - is it possible to rename your Google Maps layer to something like 'European Vets'? I have renamed the layer on my tablet but it took me a few minutes to work out how to do so!
Thanks very much.

Zebedee 27-11-2014 12:09

Thanks Bill. The Android instructions are OK then.

Could somebody check out the iPhone instructions please.



Spacerunner 27-11-2014 12:26

Works brilliantly! Thanks Keith for all your hard work.

Just two questions. Android using

I gather its possible to change the bookmarks set

Also, is it possible to change the pin colour of the whole set and not one by one?

Zebedee 27-11-2014 12:52

Hi Spacey

I expect Keith will change the name on Google Maps (if he can) but otherwise . . .

Go into Maps.Me

Tap the little star icon at the bottom to bring up your Bookmarks.

Where it says, "Untitled Layer" there's a little arrow at the far right of the screen. Tap that.

Then tap the lower "Untitled Layer" BELOW the green Maps.Me icon and it will go into edit mode so you can rename it.

Hope this helps


P.S. I don't know about pin colours - never tried to change them.

Zebedee 27-11-2014 15:06

P.S. I have now tried to change the colour of all the pushpins at once . . . and failed miserably!

If it is possible I can't do it, even by delving into the App with a text editor and fiddling with the settings!

I bet there is a way, but I haven't found it yet.


blondel 27-11-2014 15:49

AFAIK the colour of bookmarks has to be changed individually :roll:

Zebedee 27-11-2014 17:55

Shameless bump - hoping someone will try out the instructions for iPhone.



Spacerunner 27-11-2014 19:38


Originally Posted by blondel
AFAIK the colour of bookmarks has to be changed individually :roll:

OMG. That means all my aires and vets look all the same.
Also means I'll have to get my brain in gear again.

Zebedee 27-11-2014 20:36

It's not too much of a problem Spacey.

The various sets of data are very quick and easy to switch on and off with a single tap on the little green "eye" icon.

I tend to have them all switched off until I need one of them, then tap the star at the bottom of the screen, and tap the eyeball to switch on the required data.

If there's a way of changing the pushpin colours en masse I still can't find it. :roll:


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