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Roverdave 03-06-2014 20:03

Taking an elderly dog abroad for the first time - is it wise
We 've just retired, and after years of tugging bought our first motorhome last autumn, and love it! always stayed in this country because we had four dogs at the one time.

we now have the one, a cocker spaniel who is 14 and half years old. He is stone deaf, has a heart murmur which he has had for years with no ill effects, and a benign bum tumour which is causing no problems. had a check up today, all fine. He still enjoys life, though he is slowing down, and loves to go away in the van. We live in Scotland so used to cool weather. Thinking of going to France in the late summer <Sept/Oct) for the first time. Not sure what the weather would be like. vet said he should be,OK providing it is not too hot, and did not advise either way. Not sure if it would be advisable to take him away, but no-one to leave him with, and kennels a definite no no.

as we're unfamiliar with France, any advice/thoughts appreciated.

Dave and Lesley

bigtwin 03-06-2014 20:07

Can't see any reason why you shouldn't go particularly if you use the tunnel as you won't need to leave him alone in the vehicle.

There's nothing particularly different about France that would raise his stress levels so if he's ok travelling with you in the UK, France shouldn't be a problem.


jiwawa 03-06-2014 20:12

If you stayed in the north of France the temperatures would probably be similar to the south of England - still higher than Scotland though!

I imagine the south of France in September might be similar to now - we'd nearly 30° today which would be too much for an old dog not used to it, I'd think.

rayrecrok 03-06-2014 20:25

Hey up.

We took fat dog our Dalmatian who is now 14 away for a year last and a bit of this year, we went to 22 countries and she loved it, she coped with the very hot climates surprisingly well, we have been back about a couple of months now and her back legs are giving out so I don't know how long will have her now, so we are so glad we all went off on our adventure, time well spent for her..

We are going away to Spain for the winter, if she is still with us she will be going, if something happens over there, we will have to cope, she wouldn't want us to go and leave her, that would be too cruel, she is fine in the van when traveling, in fact she loves it..

You can't live your life round a family pet, you do your best and as long as they are fit enough to go, then go and enjoy it, like me if something happens you will cope as sad as it is.


The-Cookies 03-06-2014 20:32

just took our girl again shes 13 but for a biggish hairy dog shes getting on a bit, had quiet warmish weather and shes been fine she just finds a bit of shade when to hot, if she gets to hot then i take her over to the tap and give her a shower, which she loves, or find a lake or river for her to take a dip.

if you do take her just keep her very cool if it gets to hot , fans and showers are good, we took ours to Oleron last year and it was over 34 and she was fine


Webby1 03-06-2014 21:07

Bringing rabbits
We were not sure about what to do with our elderly house rabbit when we came away. Got a few replies on here including one that said we were selfish and cruel ???? still hurts.

But again no kennels and no one to look after.............he is part of the family and so he came too.............and he's still here travelling 18 months fact I think it has rejuvenated him, as it has us.

I have no doubt he will enjoy his last days with us, who he knows and trusts than any other say nothing about the enjoyment we get from his being here............and of course he is spoilt rotten with fans and ice packs when necessary..........and individually selected grasses from every cycle ride.

You can only do your best...................he will know that.

scrinchy 03-06-2014 21:28

We had an old rescue collie. We got her when she was 11. She was frightened of everything for eighteen months. But in the van she was as happy as larry. We decided that the close living with us when she knew exactly where we were all the time suited her! We took her to Spain and France. She was travel sick in a car but not the motorhome. An old dog who needs care is a bit limiting at times but I'd say go and do what you can and you'll be happy.

barryd 03-06-2014 21:37

I dont have a pet :cry:

If I did though I would definitely take it. I always end up healthier when touring long term abroad. Perhaps pets do to. The motorhome dogs you come across on aires in France certainly seem happy.

Go for it. Better he sees a bit of France and some nice weather in his old age than rainy old England!

Snunkie 03-06-2014 22:33

Definitely go for it. We'd never had a dog until last year and he's a year old now. He comes everywhere in the motorhome with us and has his own passport. He is much happier with us and I would continue to bring him to the very end. Your dog will be fine so long as it has you :D

aldra 04-06-2014 07:32

You may well find a bit of warm weather is just what his old joints need

There are ways of cooling dogs as has been pointed out and dogs like us benefit from new horizons

If he loves the motorhome then he won't care which country you are in

Go for it and enjoy


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