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Originally Posted by Sonesta
To be honest I am a little disappointed with the Three USB. It works brilliantly in most major towns and cities etc but I personally have found during our travels that in a lot of places the signal is pretty diabolical.

I took the contract out in October last year in readiness for our trip to Italy and was delighted with both the service and the charges whilst touring around Italy and I was able to use my 3GB user allowance all over Italy too. It was great being able to log on whenever we needed to look for a particular campsite or search for local information regarding an area we were visiting and it was reassuring knowing I would not be arriving back home to any extra and exboritant roaming charges other than my monthly contract fee. So for anyone thinking of travelling to Italy ever, I do think it would be very wise to opt for Three's pay as you go USB tariff as whatever user allownce you have, you will be able to use it in Italy too. They did not have the pay as you go option available when I took my contract out but if they had done then I think this would have been the better option to go for as it saves you being tied to Three for 12 months or more and also means you are free to opt for another provider for here in the UK! Also, I could not use Three whilst driving through France and here in the UK like I say, my experience to date has been that it is rather hit and miss in some areas.

I was using a Vodafone 3G datacard prior to changing over to Three last October and personally I very rarely encountered any problems with connection through them and my only disappointment was the horrendous roaming charges you can get lumbered with if you use Vodafone outside of the UK! If Vodafone could offer something like Three do in Italy then Vodafone would be my number 1 choice always!

I have a T Mobile pay as you go web n walk sim card that I insert into my old vodafone datacard (unlocked) and to be honest I have found T Mobile to have much better UK coverage than Three by a long shot!

Hope this helps.

Hello Sue

Have been able to use your web & walk in Germany or any where else across the channel without incurring the roamng charge.


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