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Pechdou 27-10-2012 16:58

Importing Motorhome Into UK
After a few years living in France we are returning to the UK. Coming with us is our 2007 Burstner Aviano. Sadly, there are many hoops to jump through in order to put the MH on UK plates. Amongst them is having a speedometer fitted that reads in mph. I have been quoted £536.30 inc vat for this item (not including fitting)! I would be happy with a second hand speedo if anyone has one. Or can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative.

camper69 27-10-2012 17:22

See if you can get an ovelay sticker that can do the job. Link assumes a Fiat



SueandRoger 27-10-2012 19:18

I imported my new LHD camper over 9 years ago and I still have the km speedo fitted and it has been through 6 MOT's!

raynipper 27-10-2012 19:28

I have a pair of RHD headlamps for a Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen 2000 to 2004 van camper for sale. But they are in France.


MotorhomeWiFi 27-10-2012 19:44

This document requires that you supply evidence that you have new headlamps, but the evidence it requests is "Garage Evidence"

Interestingly enough the MOT regulations allow deflectors to be used, so this is perhaps a work around.

jiwawa 27-10-2012 20:08

Having your speedo in mph is a legal requirement rather than an MOT one. We changed ours and now find the kph too hard to read, and we do most travelling in the rest of Europe so that's a bit of a bummer. But at least we're legal!

Mrplodd 27-10-2012 20:26

Pretty certain that beam deflectors are NOT legal as a long term solution and a vehicle should FAIL its MOT !!!

Below is a straight lift from the previous link. That seems pretty unambiguous to me in respect of headlights!! (as in full UK left dipping)

The invoice must clearly describe the changes made to the vehicle; we need to know what has been changed and how
this change meets UK compliance. A statement such as “changed headlights” is not sufficient

evidence that, for example, the original vehicle headlights have been removed and new, full UK specification left-dipping headlights have been fitted to the vehicle.

Where an item is fitted, as standard, suitable for the United Kingdom the garage evidence
must make clear that the item is standard and how it is standard (e.g. the vehicle has rear-fog lights fitted as standard
on both the rear left and right of the vehicle).

Thats why all the importers fit RHD dipping headlights to American RV's etc

As far as the speedo is concerned why not try one of the numerous vehicle breakers ?? There are loads of sites wher you put in what you want and the breaker contacts you. You could even ask for a broken one and JUST change the MPH face !!

Leftlegger 27-10-2012 20:26

I imported my dethleffs 5 years ago from germany,still goes through the MOT in kilometres and lense adjusters.Just unstick them afterwards until next time,as most of my driving is france/spain.I dont usually drive at night in uk but if i do i,ll stick em on.

Addie 27-10-2012 23:01


Originally Posted by Mrplodd
Pretty certain that beam deflectors are NOT legal as a long term solution and a vehicle should FAIL its MOT !!!

Not true, with regard to the MOT:

(From the .GOV site)

Masks or converter kits.
Right hand dip headlights can be temporarily altered for use in the UK by fitting masks or converter kits which remove the beam “kick up” to the right.

A headlamp altered in this way is not a reason for rejection, if;

A. the headlamp aim is not rejected for the reasons listed in the Reason for Rejection column (except that the top of the beam image will be a straight line).

B. the light output is not duly reduced.

C. the mask or converter is securely attached.

I guess the key word here is 'temporarily altered' - however, how temporary the fix would depend on how much the car is used abroad I would guess.

Pechdou 03-11-2012 17:48


Originally Posted by camper69
See if you can get an ovelay sticker that can do the job. Link assumes a Fiat



Good suggestion Derek, thank you. I received the new speedo face from Lockwoods today. It is a piece of polycarbonate calibrated in mph/kph which replaces the old instrument face. Warning lights etc are facilitated and in the correct place. Best of all, it is approved by VCA so it has saved me over £500.

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