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Originally Posted by jiwawa View Post
Very interesting - it's fairly coming on.

The bed is very unusual where it is - I wouldn't fancy having to traipse across the bedding to get to the rest of the van. Or alternatively, have to go out and in again. But you obviously have your reasons.

Are the windows double glazed?
Our plan is not to walk between the cab and the living accommodation, but instead to use the side door when we stop somewhere. Other than when we are on the move, the cab seating will not be used. The main reason for the bed being built there is the large window, which is the largest window in the RV. If we do some wild camping, and pull up next to some lovely scenery such as next to a beach or river, we want to be able to walk up of a morning with a cuppa and just look directly out of that large window, which sits low.

No, the windows are not double glazed. How that will work out is something we are going to have to test and find out. I remember all those years ago I had a 1960s Bailey caravan without double glazing and that could get rather cold, especially noticeable when you want to get out of bed of a morning lol. But, being a small caravan is also suffered with internal condensation. We are hoping with the RV being so large that condensation does not form to the same sort of degree. Again, we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the comments.

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