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We toured Scotland up to and across from John o Croats and back down the west coast

In a trailer tent

Before we could afford a motorhome

Its beautiful

We had some fantastic family holidays in a tent with 6 kids and in a dandy eightberth trailer tent which folded out like a giant umbrella and had an underfloor gas heater

Those were the days when we walked the fells and knew every ridge route like the back of our hands, listened to Vagner on the tops of mountains and ran down skrees, looked down on clouds from above them, and watched the sun rise from the tops of mountains and often set as we got carried away and forgot the time

We will probably go up the west coast of Scotland in the MH if Alberts eye improves, still a bit blurry but he see the ophthalmologist on Wednesday, good news we hope

Plus Albert being Albert he has developed a hernia at the site of his bowel cancer op so that will need sorting out

Do you lot even realise I have got the patience of a saint and Im still by his side 56 and a half years later

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