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Originally Posted by GMJ View Post
Update on Quorn meals

The EU have responded...

Please see below a reply from our colleagues from EU Policies 2:

Quorn, as a fungus-derived product, is not a product of animal origin. Therefore, if not mixed with any ingredient of animal origin, there is no particular requirement to import in the EU.

More generally, there are no specific guidelines or legal provisions that specify which information must be shown. Normally the product description is on the packaging and that will be the information that custom officers could be expected to look at.

Finally, quorn is also available on the mainland.

So there we are: take an empty packet with you plus a translation maybe.

How they can tell whether a frozen chilli has quorn or meat though will be interesting!

So if it is not in a packet, then what ?

Does anyone know what the instructions are to HM Customs Officers inspecting a French or British MH entering the UK?

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