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Or, even better, is badly loaded with all the weight at the back so as soon as they unhook it, the back end plummets and the jockey wheel goes up past their chin... just....

Good spectator sport I agree Ray. 😀

Watching people try to launch boats is just as amusing..... sometimes the boat takes over and tries to launch the car...... 😢

Recovery of heavy boats can result in the car sliding down the seaweed covered slip into the sea - panic ensues and then the driving wheels canít get the grip - life gets better and better....🤣

Meanwhile the boat is probably now sideways on across the trailer and sorting that mess out requires some real skill (often not in the armoury of Sunday boat drivers). Wearing a wet suit while watching often results in free drinks once they are given the assistance they desperately need. 😇👍. 🥂 🍷 🍺

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