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Due to the front wheels having a caster angle it is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to reverse a car on an A frame in anything other than a perfectly straight line (as you have discovered)

A car on an A frame is, by legal definition, a trailer. Trailer regs have two very specific requirements. To be able to reverse ďa reasonable distanceĒ (whether thatís in a straight line or around a corner isnít specified) and be able to carry out that reverse without any intervention from the driver to disable the trailer brakes, the system is built into caravan and horsebox trailers, but cannot be fitted to cars. If the A frame simply operates on the over-run system then there is no way the ďtrailerĒ brakes cannot be disabled without intervention by the driver (or other vehicle occupant)

Donít be tempted to tow on an A frame in Spain, itís a big no-no and will probably result in a hefty fine AND not being able to continue without someone to drive the car.

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