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Fridge parts or replacement fridge needed

My ageing Kontiki 640 fridge in Hank the Tank is in need of some new bits or possibly a replacement fridge. As you might know im in a race to get the van sorted and back on the road for maybe a quick trip and then selling it. The Fridge is proving to be a problem though.

The current fridge is the original from 1996 and its an Electrolux RM4368.

The burner / jet in it is the incorrect one and it does not combust properly which led to problems last year when we used it and it smelt and set the Co2 alarm off. Its also prone to getting rust and bits on it and not lighting.

The bit we need is Product number 9212271.02 but my motorhome repairer cannot find it anywhere.

If we cant get the bits then I might need a replacement fridge from a breakers but we are both having trouble locating one of them. Dimensions are

31.5" height
19" wide

or 800mm height
482.6mm width

Any ideas where we might get the bits needed or a replacement fridge? I really dont want a new Fridge as I am probably selling the van and they are well north of 1000.

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