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This is not a posh fancy garage. Its just an honest mechanics with two units down a side street in Darlington. I think their Labour rate is about 40 an hour so not hugely expensive. Matty welded an industrial size towing eye to the front of the van once and I dont think he even charged me for it. He made a new section and an aluminium weld when I knackered the scooter rack for about 20 I think. So we are not talking main dealer prices or top end labour rates. They do have a good rep as a body shop though. Ive also put a fair bit of work their way for probably getting on 30 years so you would think that would stand for something.

Still not heard anything which is a bit ominous. They dont normally like having the van long as they like most places struggle with space so I surprised they have not got back to me. Ill give it until midday tomorrow and call them.

Forget me doing anything to it. Out of the question not just because of my Arthritis but if it hasnt got a keyboard and a screen or strings its all alien to me. Ill just make it worse. The failure for the rear light is probably the trailer board on the scooter rack. I literally crashed the scooter into it on the drive.

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