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It was definitely an eyeopener.......and especially stressing the fact that alcohol is a poison really got to me. For the past 6 weeks or so I have been making an effort to STOP the habitual glass or two at night whilst watching the tv and getting used to only drinking when its a special occasion......meal out or people visiting.......and it is really working well.
Not only have I lost some weight, but I feel better mentally for being able to discipline myself.
Believe me it was not easy......I love my Rose' wine.......but every night is NOT good !
Touching on the subject of children and their 'lost' childhoods........something I have felt so strongly about for thing I am so thankful for is that my 3 eldest children grew up on our farm and had a wonderful childhood......and our youngest has grown up in Spain where children are children for ALL their childhood years and they all play together......five year olds playing football with all ages INCLUDING 17/18 year olds......its a joy to see......and no hoodies here !
Thats not to say that there aren't all the usual problems...drugs etc that exist everywhere.....but its just not least not in our area.
They might drive annoyingly noisy motos.....but they aren't stealing cars and joyriding.......AND they are now wearing helmets a lot more !!!
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