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Morning Stew/Trev,

True the children where over the top and my Daughter was in bed when we watched it.

Interestingly though we have a situation were our Daughter at 10 is badgering Mum - Claire to give up smoking!

I believe that the children in the programme where obviously being led by the producers to ask the questions they did. Not sure we can say they should have been in bed, unless I missed something and we saw a clock!

What I find of use was how the Mum's reacted when shown on one table what they drink in a week. One even remarked that she thought that it was a months worth.

Whilst in the face of it this may seem rather stupid of her, I can see that we all put our head in the sand when we do not want to know what the truth is. Being confronted by the quantity of glasses was most definitely an eye opener.


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