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What foodstuffs CAN we take to the EU post Brexit?

I know we're not allowed to travel to the continent yet but have others thought about what we CAN take with us when we do. All the documents I've come across when googling are very generalised and are based on the assumption that you're travelling by plane, or perhaps in a car with a suitcase. Normally we go to France via the tunnel and of course head off in whatever direction we're going, without the immediate need to stop and shop. Post Brexit we can't take milk and other dairy products, meat, fish etc, (including the canned variety I suppose) and I've only just realised we can't take fruit and vegetables either, because they're plants.

All this is infuriating of course because we might take several days to get ourselves to a crossing, so we'll want to leave home with the ability to feed ourselves, make a cup of tea, etc. and then I suppose we just have to dump anything left over by the time we reach Eurotunnel or a ferry port. Then we'll have to prioritise a stop off for shopping on the other side. I haven't even begun to get my head around the coming home part. No more stocking up at the fromagerie in Montreuil for us, I suppose.

So, what adjustments are others planning to make, and who has any ideas what we could carry with us that might make a meal or two? Lastly if anyone can point me to any websites that give all the information we need, in a motorhome relevant way, I'd be grateful, if not exactly happy. Grrr!

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