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Originally Posted by eurajohn View Post
I completed registration for an over 3500 Kg. imported from Germany last September.

My insurance company Allianz covered with no problems, back when we first came over here (2007) we found MAF insured our poids lourdes Euramobil whilst still on English registration, but only on condition the French registration was in progress.

The only real complication I encountered with the latest one was the need for the attestation to be in French rather than the original German one, all other documents were accepted in German.

When all required documentation is in place the registration will be swift.


Originally Posted by Penquin View Post
It is not easy but proof of residence is required, although not a Carte de Sejour, yet. If you apply before January 1st you are in the EU, after that not. The proof required of residence is a services bill or attestation from EDF - downloadable from their site for your account.

You need the HGV CT first, proof of original purchase by you, proof of import from local tax office and can then start, but insurance is harder as over 3.5t is not covered by most insurers. Ask in a Camping Car shop as they often have links.

Good luck, but start now with the official I,port papers then the CT even if at present you are still using Vritish insurance - not possible once French registered, but the registration process does take time....

Again thanks for good informaion, I'll take it step by step but would like to come back on some details in both of your posts.

Penquin. I have read that for residency we have to have proof of living here before 1 January 2021 but in France we have until 30 June 2021 to make our residency applications, other EU countries allow longer untill 31 December 2021. It appears as though the critical part is proof of living in France has to be previous to the end of Transition.

We have a couple of other things going on along side this currently so chasing our tails a little. This morning we decided to delay our motorhome trip to the USA for a year as some of the requirements for that are tied into completing French documentation in a timely manner, and that can't be guarateed. That will also allow more time to be spent on settling officially in France in place of the more exciting US adventure research.

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