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Originally Posted by veevee View Post
Thank you John, that backs up some of what I've learnt and adds to it.

First we are not yet resident, applications are awaiting documents for completion, although we have applied to join French health care having obtained our S1s. Second I have also started to apply for registration of a UK registered panel van too, that is quite straightforward give or take, but as with the MH needing residency to obtain registration, or pay a registered motor dealer/garage.

What threw me today was we called our (large) French insurance agency who have insured our French car for about 10 years, they are superb. We are getting an insurance quote for the panel van no problem, but can't be quoted for a MH over 3.5 t. When asked why and if not where do we go they didn't have an answer apart from ask a MH dealer locally.

I also realise that the Controle Technique is different for standard and heavier MHs, that the heavier ones have other aspects tested too such as the gas and electrical power systems.

As anything 3.5+ t is starting to sound more complex than a 3.5 t MH I wondered if anyone reading this forum had actually been through the whole sequence for a heavier one.

As we all know we have just 90 days to register both of these vehicles before they have to leave Schengen, the few older reports I have read re 3.5+ t MH registration have taken 6 months or more to get to completion.

We are in France permanently as of now so having our vehicles out of Schengen would be a pain, but as said that when this large very efficient insurance agency said sorry, can't insure your MH with us it started to make me think is the complexity worth it.

The MH is 2006, Hymer Mercedes in superb condition with proven only 19,000 miles from new, we are intending to ship it to the US at the end of next year but registering in France first could end up being very complicated, very loath to let it go though.

For us it's just one of the challenges that many of us face at the moment with two major crisis playing out, if this is the worst we are doing better than many.

Thanks again


Obviously most of your post relates to France but I am interested in your statement that a vehicle must leave Schengen if it has not been re-registered within 90 days.

I know the 90 in 180 days rule for persons and I know of individual countries' rules of time limits for re-registration vehicles, for example in Poland the period for re-registration has recently been extended to 180 days because of Covid.

I was not aware of a 90 day rule applying to vehicles and Schengen. Can you please provide a source for this as it would impact on me at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

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